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~Welcome to my page~

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Room Themes: (for future reference and to keep me on track)

*Key: Room - Song/card base- room theme 
 - Natsuiro Egao de 1,2,Jump! [x]
 - Mogyutto "Love" de Sekkin Chuu! (Maid Cafe) [x]
 - Wonderful Rush (airprt) [x]
 - Bokurano no Live (sports field) [x]
 Loft - Snow Hilation (winter) [x] [x]
 - Someday in our future (Alice in Wonderland) [x]
 - Happy Maker (School festival) [x]
Concert - Kira kira sensation [x]
 - Dancing stars on me (Halloween) w/ Hanayo [x] [o]
 - Yume no tobire (magic forest and fairy) [x] [x] [x]
Western - Music Start (Belly dancing/Arabian nights) [x] [x]
 - No Brand Girls (Western) [x]
- Angelic Angel [x]
- Wonder Zone [x]
- Sore we bokutachi no kiseki [x]
- We are a single Light [x]

Japanese Plains - January's New Year's Shrine visit [x]
 - Febuary's Valentine [x] [x]
 - March's flowers [x]
 - April's Cooking [x]
 - May's Fairytale (Repunzel) [x]
 - June's Wedding [x]
Submarine - July's Mermaid w/ Maki [x] [o]
Hotel - August's Pool Party [x] [x] [x] [x]
 - September's Festivals [x]
 - October's Race cars [x]
 - November's Sweets [x]
Christmas Room - December's Christmas w/ Eli [x] [x] [o]
 - Snowy mountain village [x]
 - China Dress [x]
 - White Day [x]
 - Constellation viewing from the observatory [x]
High School - at school
- Marine w/ Umi [x] [o]
Winter Palace - Magician [x]
- Cyber [x]
- Kunoichi [x]
- Little Devil [x]
- Idol [x]
 Flatmate Room- Pj party (tanuki) [x]
- Flower banquet [x]
 Train- Birthstone [x]
- Baseball [x]
- Taisho romance [x]
 - Ghost Story (Haunted House) [x]
 - Snow Bunny [x]
 - Campaign [x]
Japanese Plains - Shrine Maiden [x]
- Rock [x] 
- Fortune Teller [x]
Casino - Casino worker [x]
 - Thankful (7 lucky gods) [x]
 - tanuki + penguin [x] [x]
 - Bathrobe [x]
- New Year's monkey [x]
- Children's Day [x]
- Rainy Season [x]
 - Ball [x]
-Sweets [x]
-Pirate [x]
-Crayon [x]
-Setsubun [x]
-Wonderland [x]
-Witch [x]
- Festival [x]
-Summer Fruit [x]
-Planterium [x]
- RPG (mage) [x] [x]
- Mother's Day [x]
-Marble [x]
-Tropical [x]
- Japanese style Halloween [x]
- White Snow [x]
- Chocolate [x]
-Tennis [x]
-Musical Instument [x]
- Universe [x]
-Spring [x]
- Study [x]
- Ice Cream [x]
- Sky [x]
- Tea Party [x]
- Make-up Magic [x]

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28 years Woman Other
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