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1-4 2020

Happy Birthday to my godmother, Li Ming Chang. Sorry I wont be able to see you this year. I'll Skype you, I promise. Love you <3

                                     Li Ming Chang 

1-1 2020

Happy New Year Everyone! My family is scattered everywhere this New Year. My godmother and her family stayed home with their twins. My godfather is on an island somewhere. My sisters, Ayeka and Ayame are with their husbands and children on trips. Ayeka went to Italy and Ayame is on a cruise. Two of my brothers, Amiboshi and Seiryu, are overseas in the UK. My eldest brother is in Kyoto. My elest sister is working at the hospital. My godsisters are scattered as well. I am glad to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a few days. The view here is wonderful and the cabin is nice and quiet. 


Because my older sisters are all working tonight, I have been left in charge of babysitting my nieces. It's weird having so many little girls running around my apartment. Sakura, Kaoru, Hitomi, Ayame, and Ayako are a bit of a handful. Ayame and Ayako are twins but becoming vastly different. it makes me happy to see they are as close as their mother is to her twin, Ayeka. Ayame is named after her mother, my older sister and her twin is Ayeka, mother of Sakura. i wish Sakura and Ayake got along better but they are always competiting with one another. to settle them down for bed, I decided to pop in their favorite movie, My Neighbor Totoro. They all have school in the morning and i have a flight to the UK to catch for work. I'M going to be so exhausted tomorrow. Family is crazy but what can you do. 

September 27


With October approaching, a state of anxiety has settle upon my blood family. October is the month were my parents go home to Kyoto and spend almost a whole month with my dad's family. everyone lives in one central location and every time their is a marriage, a new house is built within walking range of the "main house". Only my grandparents live there now. They four children live in the houses around them. there will be a huge party Halloween eve that will last into Halloween night. There will be fountains of drinks, foods flavored by my great-grandparents, great grandparents and all who are not with us. There will be a service held to honor the children lost and announce upcoming births and marriages. Since my parents p***ed, my siblings dont attend as often as we use to.

July 4

Well I thought today couldnt get any crazier but I was wrong. We were all suppose to meet at my godmother's house with our significant others. we arrived not only to find our godmother slightly ill and her adorable twin boys napping, but a irritated Blade, a hissing WuFei and a all too jolly Ronin. All of us were taking off guard. No one said my godmother's guardian/ godfather/father figure to drop by. I feel bad for our guys. It only got worse from there. All of godfathers showed up one by one. Sai, Rowen, Sage, and both of mine Chaos and Annubis. I'm just glad no fights were started especially between Ryo and Sage. Chaos for being mute, had an iron glad grip on the group of Ronins ^^'. Occ***ionally if they get out of hand, Chaos would tap them on their heads with his staff. After the lunch at my godmother's, I ventured over to my parents' home. It's a little strange to call it that. My parents are long gone and my eldest brother and middle older sister live their now with their daughter. Of the two gatherings, I was expecting the one with my biological siblings to be crazy. I mean there is eight of us: 4 older brother and three older sister. All my brothers are married and so are my sisters. One sister has five children, and is a youngest of twins. Her twin has one daughter. My eldest sister has two girls. Another brother just has one daughter (the couple that live there). my gay brother is also a twin and married but they have yet to adopt a child. His youngest twin is settling in with a parnter but they fight and break up alot but still considered married.  

Februrary 4

February is finally here. I cant believe how fast this year is going by. I wonder who I will give chocolates to this year. It's tradition to give chocolate to those you love and someone you have a crush on. But I'm in a relationship and have someone to give chocolates too. but do i still have to give obligation chocolates out? Of course my godsisters will receive chocolates and my natural siblings. But why should i give some to my work colleegues. I cant stand some of them and it's a headache to be polite to them.

Jan 30

I cant believe there is only a week left in Janurary. Next month is going to be hectic for me. Let's hope everything turns out smoothly. Two weeks until the wedding. Since it is almost February, this picture came to mind:


kissing Hotaru in maid outfit


konnichiwa my name is Hotaru Toma. I am the youngest of nine children- five girls and four boys. One sister died in infancy before I was born. I was born in Kyoto Japan. I love spending time with my friends, family, and extended family, reading, computers, watching anime, and reading manga.

Favorite Celeb: Nicole Kindmen, Johnny Depp, Kate Blench

Favorite Music: i like a lot of music. Evancese, Linkin Park, Maroon 5, Fall Out Boys, Thousand Foot Krutch, ACDC, Queen, 

Favorite movies: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Ponyo, Kiki's Delivery Service, Castle in the Sky, Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo, One  Piece Z, One Piece Strong World, Sleeping Beauty, Endless waltz, Black Bulter Book of the Circus, Black Bulter Book of Murder, pride and prejudice, bride and predudice, corpse bride, Lord of the Rings triology, Hero, Brave, The Last Shogun, Joy Luck Club, Dead Poet soceity, Kill Bill 1 & 2

I was raised by my older siblings and godparents since I was eight, our parents died. It would help if I didnt have four brothers and three godfathers, three sisters, and one godmother that is a month older than me. ^^' There is 10 years between me and my oldest brother, Hotohori. 


Li Ming ChangLi Ming Chang fiercly loyal, protective, kindhearted, and brave--knows several forms of martial arms, swordmanship, really good cook, loves reading, dragons, fire, weaponary--not just guns, traveling, and taking walks in gardens. A lot of people my siblings included are both scared and in awe with her. I call her oasaa and she will fight anyone tooth and nail who try to harm me and my godsisters. She calls me her daughter and will fight to the death for my sisters and I. Now she's married to a strong man and im not sure what to call him. I call my godfathers "dad". But what do you call the husband of your godmother that is not your godfather?

My godsisters are on here too: 

whiteroseprincessTessa Libra very playful, fiery temper, Celtic music, loves white roses, LOVES gardening and her crazy family, dancing of just about any kind, playing the flute when the mood comes over her, always a playful taste for strawberries when not in season (who would grow strawberries the last week of November in Whales), talking long walks with me or Orianna. Being around a garage, Tessa has a mild temper for cars and motorcyles. Though when prompted she loves planes. Her hot and heavy relationship at first began to worry me. But they are both stronge and both bring out the best in one another. Like a rose springing to life among the thrones. She is 1 year, 1 month and 6 days younger than me. She is the closet "godsiste" to me. Sometimes she feels the need to be a mama bear when im not around. I love and support her all the same. 

princessofnightSerena Knight gothic black rose, painter, loves heights, Gothic architecture and cementaries (oldest of twins). She lost her parents the same time I did. But unlike me, she had aunts and uncles to care for her. (My father and mother kept my siblings and i away from their families). I love her gothic taste and we share a fondness for darkness and cementaries. She is the moon to her sister's sun. Serena and Tessa when left alone cant get into a fair amount of trouble. they share a sense of mischief and love being in the middle of everything. Tessa likes to stir and mingle with whoever is causing trouble, Serena enjoys watching the fireworks or guiding the interested parties to one another. I a closer to her than Sienna. 

SiennaSienna Knight loves fashion, snow, ice skating, shopping, and parties i.e having a good time (younger twin) 

OrienaOrianna Deoncrare the baby, soft spoken, musician (piano and flute), kindhearted, and loves the ocean really any water in general.


My friend on deviantart made these for me ( {#love}{#fete}

under the mistletoe with my bf

More family picsgodmother+wufei




godmother+wufei traditional wedding

godmother+wufei surprise

Hotaru+Heero Valentine Day

Tessa+Trowa Valentine Day

Serena+Duo Valentine Day

Orianna+Quatre Valentine Day

{#love}Me from DivaDolls{#love}



pigtails and ballgown2



I love Halloween

Animes and mangas I like include

Gundam Wing

Hellsing Ultimate


One Piece


Fairy Tail


FMA Brotherhood

Black Bulter

Yu Yu Hakusho

Cowboy Beebop

Outlaw Star


G Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam 0080

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083

Fruit Baskets

Soul Eater

Shaman King


Prince of Tennis

Godchild (manga)

Vampire Knight

Crest of the Stars

Gurren Lagann

Death Note

Sailor Moon

Carcaptor Sakura

Ronin Warriors

 Black Cat (manga) 

 Midnight Secretary (manga) 

 Code Ge***

 Dragon Ball 


Ouran High School Host Club

Howl's Moving Castle


Nausicaä of the valley of the Wind

Castle in the Sky

and more










Age Type City Country
32 years Woman US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
I have several anything but rap Howl's Moving Castle Japanese + Italian
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Black and pink Information analysist ANIME reading manga, watching anime

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