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I want to watch an nice movie, any...
15/04/2024 à 17:40:33
Springtime whispers in the fragrance of flowers
07/03/2024 à 18:11:35
Blooms and butterflies usher in the spring.
03/03/2024 à 04:38:31
+2 from Arlekinlain! Difficult roads often lead...
29/02/2024 à 02:22:43

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tulpen has 47 goodness points.

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My dear friends, Tulpen has decided to quit OMD for some time and she gently asked me (Andybel) to take care of her doll (only Tulpen) until she finds time to come back. As I also have things to do in real life and have to take care of my dolls, I'll TRY to return votes left in this account. But I do not promise anything. Hope you understand. Thanks. (Andybel)


Most important info:

This is my main doll TULPEN.  I signed in after they'd closed MDD. Some dolls, who help me  give back the votes to all of you:     


Something about me:


Favourite music:

Patrick Wolf, Beirut, Nouvelle Vague, Belle and Sebastian, Kings of Convenience, The Strokes, The Beatles, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Hans Zimmer, French Kicks, Regina Spektor, Laura Marling, Joanna Newsom, The Cure, Yann Tiersen, Jack White.

Favourite movies:

The Edge Of Love, Unmade Beds, 500 Days Of Summer, Edwar Scissorhands, Arizona Dream, What's Eating Gilber Grape, Atonement, Benny & Joon, Amelie, And Your Mother Too, Elizabethtown, Little Miss Sunshine, Across The Universe, Hallam Foe.

Favourite authors:

Virginia Woolf, Emile Zola, Julio Cortazar, Terry Pratchett, Fiodor Dostoevsky, Milan Kundera, John Irving.







I am sorry, but I'm not able to vote. I think today I won't manage and tomorrow my grandma is coming over to my place, I have to clean the house, help with the dinner, also I have tons of thing to read, revision and translate, so I'm not sure when I be 'back'. I know for certain that I won't vote on Monday and Wednesday. So please, don't bother voting for me for the next few days. I will let you know when I can start voting again. Hope you understand.


Not sure if there be any votes today! It'll be a super-busy Friday!


I'm ill...... Need to get better till Friday, because it's my first day at the university!


Here it is - the first contest organized by me! Because I've never done it before I have no experience in it, so you have to forgive me if not everything goes according to the plan, but I'll try to do my best! Here you can read the rules:


I'm not sure if I get down to voting today - I have a horrible headache.. Maybe later I'll feel better, I hope. If so, you'll get your votes of course :>


I'm thinking about setting up a contest. I already have an idea, I just need to organize everything, write down the rules, deadlines and think about the rewards! 


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