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tuvab has 133 goodness points.

Guardian of the tree

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I am currently taking a break from voting.


(please do not vote for me during my absence - I always

feel awful for not being able to return votes given to me)


A big thank you to everyone who gave me a gift,

I truly appreciate them!




Butterflies mini graphics  Currently not voting


Cats mini graphics I leave silent votes


Dogs mini graphics   Please keep my lifetime votes even!


Ice cream mini graphics  I live in Sweden. Swedish is my native

language, but I speak some English too.


Hello kitty mini graphics I live with my boyfriend, our two dogs

and three cats.



My other dollz:


This server: Cariad - CherryBomb - Citronella - Citronette - KarmaChameleon

                                Labolina - Lavandula - Limanda - Limicola - Limosa - Lobelia

                            Loxia - Svea - Tuva - Tuvah - Tuvan + a secret account


I also have dollz on the other servers, all called TuvaB of

course, plus alts on the German and french servers.




Thank you Zarinen!


Thank you Bianca96!

A gift from Bianca96    






Age Type City Country
36 years Woman Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
The Pianist Pickles & apple pie
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Turquoise, black, Gray & pale pink Documentaries

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