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October 28th.
Sorry for missing votes the past two days, it's been quite hectic over at my corner of the world. I had been spending the last two days finishing up my cousins halloween costume as well as prepping my own. My horse is doing quite well, he is just a giant itchy mess and will take any opertunity to scratch himself on you. 500kg horse on your back isn't pleasant but I will help him out when ever I see he needs some scratching

October 4th.
Update on how my horse is doing. The current answers on the tests his vet took of him on saturday is that he has gotten a serious fongus infection (I believe it's called that in english). He is now on another antibiotic cure but I can finally breath out and sleep with no worry as I know it won't kill him like I feared at first. I might miss out on voting as I have to litterally spend hours at the stable as he now requires bathing two times a day in a whole week


October 1st.
Sorry for missing votes for the past few days. I've been down with a serious cold and my horse managed to get a terrible skin rash which ment hours at the stable waiting for the vet. I discovered the rash on friday, caused me to stress so much for his well beeing that I barely slept, Saturday was waiting for the vet to check on him. He is put on bed rest, not allowed to go outside as the constant raining may worsen the rash. Outward it's antibiotic cure and hopefully the rash will lessen so I won't have to go through having to go through with the samples the vet took.


Sorry for that I went MIA for quite the time. A lot of things had happened during the last couple of months/weeks (unsure how long I've been gone) but I am finally back and hopefully I won't have more MIA




Amazing drawing done by the talented Zarinen, thank you so much^^



January 9th 2017: 

Today has not been a good day at all. When I had arrived home from work, I got a call from my councelor which made my day worse than it could ever be. Not taking me serious regarding stuff I say, and had to repeat myself over and over. Didn't get calm untill I was out at the stable and with Hunter, then two friends informed me about my skype account had been sending out odd links when I was asleep. I am barely awake at 3:22am my time, so had to stress with regaining my account x.x Account regained, and informed everyone about I got hacked x.x I just wish I could rewind this terrible day


August 31th 2016:

Yesterday I had to say good bye to my beloved Siamese cat, Affi. She was taken to the vet since we had suspected there was something wrong with her teeth, which was true but something we did not suspect was that she had cancer in her mouth. It was seen too late and the only thing we could do for her was to put her to rest. Affi was 10 and a half year old, which isn't a bad age but loosing a cat to cancer is horrible. She was my little baby, but now she doesn't suffer anymore and is reunited with her mother and her adoptive mother.
It was a hard blow for my mother as well seeing that Affi was the last thing she had after her mother, Affi was from the last litter to my grandmother. Her whole name is Daijvina's Artic Afrodite but my grandmother just called her Affi so she stuck by it for 10 and a half year. Rest in peace my beloved girl, you don't have to suffer anymore. We will meet again


January 26th 2016:

Yesterday I had to say good bye to the stable's mascott as he had been sold. It was sad to see the little miniature horse leave but it was for the better. I had been taking care of Twist for about a month seeing that his two owners did not have time for him and the five other horses they have. I also managed to loose my phone in the stable, ofcourse it was on silent. Ahaha I was lucky that I managed to find it seeing I somehow lost it inside of Hunter's stall. Thank god he did not step on it, just imaging the injuries he might have gotten if he stepped on it.


Welcome to my page^^


I am 24 years old and born on February 14th, also known as Valentines day.

I am from Norway, I enjoy reading books, specially if it has horses in them, I draw a lot, enjoy watching tv shows and much more.

My favorite color is blue, any shades of it. Tough it's hard to see with how I decorated each room here.

My alt dolls:





From Sierradane

Thank you all for the wonderful gifts {#love}

Bday gifts:

Age Type City Country
25 years Woman Norway Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Tom Hiddleston Rock Thor Anything Japanese
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Blue Something with art MacGyver Drawing

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