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As mentioned above, this alt of mine is based on one of the characters I use for “The Mortal Instruments” RP that’s being run on the board and was created by the amazing ilovem.

While, I will be leaving the history of Valerie and her family for the next section, “About Valerie”, I thought it was a good idea to introduce here her personality which is the main motivation behind any decision I make regarding her loft and other rooms.

Val is a big fan of style, elegance and fashion. A major fashionista, she likes to take her friends out for a major makeover and shopping sprees. That arises from the fact that she was raised in France by her grandmother who was also a big fashionista and that she’s an ex-model.

She’s also described by many as ‘caring’ and sometimes even ‘motherly’. She likes taking care of people and trying to help them out with their problems. She LOVES to take them to the kitchen and fix them a big dinner that would take their minds off of things.







Valerie Devney (Maiden Name: Endre) is a vampire that was changed when she was in her twenties by her now husband Matt Devney.


She’s the daughter of Rob Endre, a famous actor who saw her as a way to gain fame and to improve his image. That’s why she never got along with him and ended up hating him and rebelling against him as a teen.


Her mother was never around and her father never wanted to speak of her. Only now did she find out that her mother was some sort of a spirit or a siren which makes her a hybrid.


She met Matt when she was a sophomore in college at a party where he saved her from some guys who meant her harm and the two quickly found themselves in love. Matt always picked her up on his cl***ic motorbike and they would spend long times with each other. After a short time, Matt proposed to her and with the help of her grandparents, they were to be married. 


A warlock named Leo, however, used love potions on Matt and made him fall in love with her causing Matt to change Valerie on their wedding day whispering in her ear, “I am not who you think I am.” then running off.


After learning how to live as a vampire from her friend Celesta Nocturne (Kierasmileys’ character), she traveled to Paris and lived there.


Fifty years later, she got into trouble when she lost her control over her powers killing several innocent people. To make up for her mistake, she adopted a baby who had lost his parents because of her and called him Alex Endre. 


Matt escaped Leo and he and Val reconciled finally getting married. Sadly, Alex died afterwards because of Valentine suspecting him to be getting stronger.


Matt and Val now have three kids. Eva Devney, an adopted eight year old daughter who’s much smarter than her age, Aury (Aurlius Blaze Devney), a four year old son and Felicia, a few months old baby girl who's sadly deaf.


Eva has the special powers of seeing and talking to the dead as well as the ability to change her voice to sound like anything she wants. Aury has the power of going into people's dreams and changing them according to his wish.














Part One: The Meeting

Part Two: Shade

Part Three: Tepito (First Entrance of Valerie)

Part Four: Family Ties

Part Five: Illusions

Part Six: Sharing Souls (Matt and Val get married)

Part Seven: Revenge is Sweet (Alex dies)

Part Eight: Valentine

Part Nine: Mr. Tree

Part Ten: Halloween

Part Eleven: Elric

Part Twelve: Leo

Part Thirteen: The Proposal

Part Fourteen: Damien

Part Fifteen: The Bachelorette

Part Sixteen: The wedding

Part Se***en: Little Shade

Part Eighteen: The face-off

Part Nineteen: Gero

Part Twenty: Mount Rogue

Part Twenty-One: Mexico

Part Twenty-Two: Dead Blaze (A baby on the way)

Part Twenty-Three: Sylvain and Hurcan

Part Twenty-Four: Aury

Part Twenty-Five: Official Purists

Part Twenty-Six: The Divorce

Part Twenty-Seven: The masquerade

Part Twenty-Eight: The Willing Prisoner

Part Twenty-Nine: War (Tellis appeared)

Part Thirty: David's Capture.

Part Thirty One: Violet

Part Thirty Two: Surprise Surprise

Part Thirty Three: Death, Wedding and More Death

Part Thirty Four: Dia

Part Thirty Five: Christmas Spirit

Part Thirty Six: Learn to Survive

Part Thirty Seven: Mothers

Part Thirty Eight: Secrets and Cerunia

Part Thirty Nine: Humans

Part Forty: Wedding Bells

Part Forty One: Love is in the air

Part Forty Two: Goodbye

Part Forty Three: Father- Daughter Talk and Faceoff

Part Forty Four: Parents

Part Fourty Five: Getting Ready to fight back (Aden was adopted)

Part Fourty Six: Creepy Relatives

Part Fourty Seven: Deja-vu (Tellis and Malu's second wedding)

Part Fourty Eight: A break (Shopping with Malu)

Part Fourty Nine: Bumps

Part Fifty: Captured

Part Fifty One: Ele

Part Fifty Two: J & J

Part Fifty Three: Farewell

Part Fifty Four: Lives in Danger (Eva in danger. Lucian hits)

Part Fifty Five: Happiness







The Amazingly crazy, sugar lover, friend of mine. (AN ALT OF Malu's).


The caring Leo who has no idea how awesome she is.



Started of as a mundane journalist, but ended up as our vampire friend. (AN ALT OF MINE).



Who said that your bodyguard couldn't be your best friend? Started off as Lily's bodyguard, but now she's one of our closest friends. (AN ALT OF MINE)




Saffi, the ever rebellious friend of ours. An amazing sister of Dia, too!








Some of the styles Val would love!








Loft: Livingroom + Val's old bedroom

Terrace: An outdoor dining area

Bedroom #1: The nursery + Play room

Bedroom #2: Matt and Val's main bedroom

Kitchen: The kitchen of course.






Thanks Angel for this pic!!!

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