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╩╦♠̥̊-̶̯͡»̶̥°ƪoṾɇ ϯɧɇ ώȀӯ ӯǿ ƪɇ»̶̥°-̶̯͡┈♠╦

Pfft, It's Vic ;) The Hot Guy ;$ ! Yeah Yeah , I Wanna Call My Self Hot, Gotta Problem ? Solve It With Your *** -.- ! Eh, Okay . Uhmmm You Can Find My Pic's On XXBENXX Page .. Erm, I'm A Single Guy , So HitMeUp ? Jkjkjk I'm Married To HotXKesha .. In Real Life Though ;)! Cute I Know :p ! I'm A 19 Years Old Guy, ***y Age Ha? Yep, And I Blow Out My Candles On 24'7 Even That Is ***y, Right? IKnow xD ! Uhmmmm. . . On 08.March I Got MArried , ***, This Date Is Gonna Stuck On My Mind FOREVER <3 :) ., Besides Don't Mess With My Babe Either I'm Gonna Cut You Out ***s And ***s -.-

Okay Now .. I'm Gonna Tell A Bit About My Hunni KEsha <3

Like IT's A Bit Telling My Life With Her,;; Uhmmmm I Met Her In A Movie Theater, While I Was With Shadow, And She Was Comming With Her Friends, So I Was Like Hey;) Me And Her Became Friends, And The Next Time I Invited Her ALONE ! To Come With Me To The MAll , And Like Whenever We Walk, Guys Are Looking, I Was So ***in MAd, Then I Told Shadow ABout This Feeling, He Said ! ; Maaan ! You Love Her, I Was Like; Hey ! No Way -.-. He Said; Yeah Way -.- ! Then We MAde A Small Meeting"Me, Charlie, Adam And Shadow" And I've Told Them About My Feeling, They All Answered The Same !; Maan ! You Love Her, I Was Like Daaaamn ! I Guess I Do ! I Called Her And Told Her To Meet Me At The Beach .. So She Came , And I Told Her That I Like Her And Stuff, She Grab Me And Kissed Me D; ! I Was Like Woooow !. Seriously? I Was Really HAppy :D !


I Deserve a special spot so im going to put it rigght her. >:D NO MOVING IT! Alrighty well first off Vic this Is Brirttany And i love you too death! Your like always here for me, even when you get mad because i text 24/7.[x Your really funny and nice. AND sweet.<3 Your like one of my bestfriends in the whole ***ing world! Thats like legit bruuh. Your so awesome. We can be in an argument one minute and then love eachother the next.<3 When i first heard you and Fay were datin I will admitt i was jealous-_- But i have relized you guys make a cute couple.<3 If you hurt this guy imma hunt you down beat you with my swaqq haat then sit on you with my fat ***. GetIt? GotIt? Good.(: Well i love you Vic. Stay cool like a ice-cube.<33

~Brittany. *Brittany-hacked*

I believe I deserve to be right here.;D DONT MOVE IT!!Plz..? Ha.Anyways.I Love You.<3(: Like Legit.we Never Fight.x] and I know we havent talked for like..a while..But I still Love You<3[x ***.Ya know ur p*** word is long as a dictionary!!;D Pssh.Naah.More like...Longer than Justin Bieber's d.ick.xD Grody.>.< Anyways.AS I WAS SAYING.I love You Vic..(: Hurt him? Ill hunt You down and beat you with mah Harry Potter Book<3[x Igght?

~Morgan; Harrypotterluv

Ok....You Sir may get on my nerves,call me names, and be a jerk (Sometimes(Usually most of the times XD just kiddin')) but other than that you're a really nice guy =) Love ya ~Rougethebat5

Hmm.. I'mma put it right here.. Vic you are a amazing guy xD I'm glad I met you!! <3 well... I suck at doing these and idk what else to say..Well I love you ^^ ~Azel~

Vic you are such an amazing person,kind to the heart,funny,adorable beautiful on he inside and outside.I can't see how you can put up with me but you love me for me and thats all that matters.I love you,I will love you forever no matter what happens.♥ You mean everthing to me vic.I hope you realize that I need you more than ever I can't do this alone If I did I would be a trainwreck.You believe in me when I don't.I wish I could just take away your sickness and didn't have to suffer like this.It makes me feel that im going to lose the most important person in my life which

Eh.Didnt really want to do this but whatever. Okay where do i start? Vic you are soo amazing. From the time i pushed you into the pool to when you were crying on my shoulder. Your are everything anyone could ever ask for and im really glad your my friend. Sometimes people make mistakes but sometimes you have to forget it and move on. I love you Vic your a great friend and im glad that your one of mine. Dont let anyone ever judge you. Because all they are is Jealous. :] Love you Vic.


Hmmm I think I'll put it right here vic I haven't known u that long but you are so awesome and very sweet don't ever change luvs ya <3 ;) Brokenbymichael

Age Type City Country
24 years Man KESHA's BED UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
▀╬Kesha ╬▀ ▀╬ѡҤί₮ế Ļίếš`~ÐèäȾһ ╬▀ ▀╬ THE EXPIREMENT!╬▀ ▀╬ KESHA ╬▀
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
▀╬ ᵬĻä₡ᶄ ╬▀ ▀╬Seriously :O i don't have a dream i have a life ! ╬▀ ▀╬ -- ╬▀ ▀╬ -666- ╬▀

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