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Willie the chicken died on June 14, 2018 from injuries sustained in a dog attack; she was 9 years old





Willie says: It's not my fault I was born so beautiful.  Not my fault those other chickens have to stand out on that porch in the freezing temps. (that's my mom sitting in her HoveRound chair with Willie finishing up her sun bath)


My baby, my daughter Deanie 2010-feb 7 2016

The end of 2015 brought two chicken pa$$ings. Siobahn was a victim of a predator while Timmy the Hen who was 5 years old, died of a respirtory issues.

April 2015:

Jane Louise was born this month. Being an "only child," none of the other chickens liked her so she is now sleeping in my mother's house and has adopted my mother as the one she likes the best. One of Jane's characteristic traits is to raise her leg UP when trying to get DOWN.

May 12 2015 chick update:

My daughter came for mother's day (without her baby, which made me disappointed) and she wanted to know if she could have Oliver, the little crippled chick that had been born on St. Patrick's day.  I of course told her that maybe it was best she took it home and cried. I asked her to NOT tell me if it died, but if it thrived... to let me know. In the long run, giving it to her was probably for the best; no matter the outcome.

The other chicks: Paddy, Molly, Liam, Siobahn and Riley are doing pretty good. They were in a pen by themselves today while no one was home.

Main doll:


RIP Charlie

May 2010-Oct 24 2014

Stormy & Frosty:

While Rainy loves, loves, loves to pose for me to take his picture, Frosty is camera shy so I don't get as many of her.  Her comb is still pretty small which is a good indicater that this little frozen surprise will be a hen.

Rainy Crowing in the afternoon:

Rainy looks like he's saying, "You can do it Mommy, you can lay that egg... I'm here for you"

from Caphy:

Rainy May 2014:


May 11 2014:

Willie & Deanie with my mother in the background

Tuesday June 4, 2013 Misty, the mother with babies Stormy & Sunny:

Monday May 27th, 2013 Misty kissing Sunny with Stormy in the foreground:

Stormy and Sunny with their mother Misty Rain

Misty looking over her chicks, Stormy & Sunny 

Misty and babies 2013



Tuesday May 14, 2013:

Misty Rain became the mother of a yellow baby chick (Gomer is the father) which has been named Sunny  and Stormy (black chick).  

Misty Rain & Sunny:

Our oldest hen Bertha has died on April 24, 2013. She was around 4 or 5 years old. 

RIP Ethan (died March 2013)


Charlie, Elvira, Hennie, Ethan, Mister & their dearly departed unnamed sister... 2 weeks old.  The black chick is Andrew Lee, a black Cochin---May, 2011

Charlie & Elvira:

The Three Chickenteers Charlie, Ethan and Mister:

Misty with her mother Timmy, Nov 2011


This is Misty, she's half bantam and half Cochin. She was born on November 20th, 2011.

Misty who will be one year old on Nov 20 2012:

Misty, Timmy the hen & my daughter:

and now Misty is setting on eggs so she may become a mother!



The Chicken Mansion where the Silver Sebrights live

Inside the Chicken Mansion:

Henny and Willie (the hen) both Silver Sebrights. Henny gave Willie up about this time then she was killed by a predator. Willie tried to sleep in the chicken mansion but no one liked her so she adopted me as her mother. She now sleeps in a box with her adopted daughter Deanie, in my mother's dining room. They will move to my house at Christmas and stay til March. I hope we can build Willie a house for her and her babies, Sammie and Deanie who are Americaunas.

Willie the hen admiring herself; she's very vane:

David, Fonnie & Henny sunning themselves:

Willie the hen


This is my mother & Willie's adopted babies, Sammie & Deanie. They were about 3 months old at the time. They were born Aug 2011

Sammie & Deanie, Aug 2011:

Willie, Sammie & Deanie, Aug 2011:


The Cast

Silver Sebright hens:


Crooked Tail







Silver Sebright roosters:




Peepers McGee


The Toddlers:

Andrew Lee, black Cochin rooster

Gomer, white Cochin rooster

Goober, white Cochin hen--RIP

Fonnie, tan Bantam hen-God rest her soul

Timmy, dark brown very tiny Bantam hen

Freckles, half Bantam half something else hen

Precious, Japanese Long Tail hen

June Yur, Japanese Long tail hen

Misty, half Bantam and half Cochin hen


The Americaunas:

Sammie the rooster

Deanie the hen


Other dearly departed:

Chicky Poo, Evelyn, Caleb, Samuel, Joshua, Betty, Henny, Fonnie (silver Sebright), David, Roosty, Ethan, Bertha





Age Type City Country
35 years Woman Chickenville US
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Foghorn Leghorn Country Chicken Run Canned corn & Little Debbie Brownies
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