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I was gong to come in and vote at 8:00 and then...
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Friday votes and hugs from joyceeileen :)
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Stay safe! Today was a good day. The sun was...
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         3/28 Been a long week between taking care of my mom from 8 am to 2 pm and then working weekends and some week nights I am exhausted. I am being safe at work gloves and face masks. Hope you all are safe and well. 


3/25 The stress of the world my mom the virus is killing my gut ! But the good news is my mom is looking a lot better. Still cant move a lot but color is returning . Now to keep the virus away , from her and my dad.


 3/23 Went to work last night a 3 hour shift. Felt good to be out in a safe enviroment . I can do to/gos and watch my distancing and get some people stimulis. Still helping mom but careful to not bring over anything. Be safe and stay 6ft from new people and anyone you p*** . Dont invite people over. WASH YOUR HANDS !!!


 3/19 Mom came home last night. My aunt is with her now then I will take over when she heads home. I will continue to work on sundays. We are to-gos only so in retail we are not interacting really with people. Just cashing out some.. Be safe and stay distant from others.


 3/15 UPDATE =  Her surgery was great they had to repair her micro valve too. They have her out of ICU , yesterday her heart rythmia was off they gave her meds for that , but if it doesnet fix they may need to give her a little eletrical shock to fix it. 


  UPDATE = Surgery is scheduled Monday at 7 am. 

   My mom was rushed to the hospital yesterday , she was having heart issues. They will be doing a triple byp*** on her , just waiting to find out when ... Prayers Please for mom & dad ..


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                                         I will be now   voting from last 100 2/13
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54 years Woman wonderland UK
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Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) METAL THE 5TH ELEMENT diet Pepsi
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?? cant decide... anything with animals Supernatural READING

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