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Thursday votes from Julieanne1976
24/11/2017 à 02:35:12
Two thanksgiving dinners down, 1 to go~!! By...
24/11/2017 à 01:35:49
Happy Thanksgiving and have fun with your...
24/11/2017 à 00:36:18
Happy Thanksgiving Day! Make sure Roy doesn't...
23/11/2017 à 16:55:10

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witch2004 has 292 goodness points.

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          11/22 Getting all my stuff done today . I have to work most of the day tomorrow , so Roy will be throwing stuff in the oven. But I have to prep it.
                                                                               Image result for families at thanksgiving table animated   
Everyone have a wonderful Gobble Gobble Day. Love & Kisses .. Witch2004 and her family..
11/19 On my way to work today my hand knuckles started to ache. Sure enough it's 6:30 pm MST and they are aching something fierce. Its a burn and deep ache. Comes out of no where and makes you cry. Ready for gobble day , ladies . Me we will see. I work That day from 8:30 -12:30. Praying Roy starts the turkey on time and gets the rolls rising good. I will make it all wed after my  dr appointment and set a schedule for Roy.for thursday.
                                                                  Image result for cooked cartoon turkey small           
      I did not get my points or friday gift ! Nor did my other dollz..  YOU ??????

11/17  RAIN everywhere and a chance to change to snow.. But not stick..
Having a stomachday , but work will be packed for this weather. So I must bear it and go.. I really am THANKFUL for you ! TY for being my on-line game friends .                       .
                                                                                      . Image result for rainy animated friends umbrellas
11/13 Been having really bad pain .The RA is out of control all my left arm shoulder and the back blade. I sleep little and cry often. Yesterday work let me leave 40 minutes early. Slow and I was in so much pain the pills were not touching it. I dont know stress or just my body rebelling.
                          Image result for ra sucks  
11/11 Happy Veterans Day .. I will try to catch up later tonight. I have am shifts this weekend so I will try this afternoon. Blessings friends..    Image result for veterans day

11/7 Its lightly snowong right now. Not enough to stick but a cold 25 . I believe I am ready for the next season..
                                                        Image result for animated small snowflake
11/5 working today , It will be packed its chilly and rainy . So that brings the people out. I would rather stay in a warm house . people are loco.. Have a great , BLESSED day...
                                                         Image result for animated breakfast borders   
11/4 Here in Utah waiting for a 4 day weatherchange. We have been up to the 70's and now will get down to the 20's . Rain , cold and chance of flurries in valley . definatly snow in mountains. I think i am happy, we havent had rain for weeks.
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Age Type City Country
51 years Woman wonderland UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) METAL THE 5TH ELEMENT diet Pepsi
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
?? cant decide... anything with animals Supernatural READING

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