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About the doll. This is one of my dolls, Witchjewel. This account was made for all kind of fantasy designs, from mermaids to fairies and more, since i love magic!. My favorite fantasy creature are mermaids.  Witchjewel as her name says is a witch, so she has the hability to use magic, and trans in all kind of creatures.

 About the current doll design. She is a fairy! the design was took from the halloween event! i'm still gathering DB for another outfit ^^

About the condo. Her place is in the forest and she lives with fairies, so you will see more of them each day. She doesn't have too much furniture since her home are the woods but you can see diferent objects that she uses to practice magic, and she has a bed to sleep XD and a mirror of course lol. I got a new room the crypt, she keeps all her creepy stuff in there o.o


    About Votes and stuff


 If you want to exchange votes please visit my main doll.

Please don't steal my layout XD 

              ::About My Dollz:: 


 This is Lunely, my main doll, i had changed her completely, i just got bored of her looking like me so i decided to dedicate her to a mixed style, rocker and lolita stuff combined also a little emo stuff, this is the style i used to wear when i was  Sorome in MDD.


                  If you like them please go visit them ^^




Age Type City Country
38 years Woman Mexico
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Tarkan Rock, Pop Back to the Future Pizza
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Purple Writer The big bang Theory Write

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