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To My DV'ers: Thanks for everything, I'm sorry I missed soooo many months of DVs I suck, I know haha. But yeah college has been busy as heck so to anyone who's still wondering I def. won't be back to DV-ing anytime soon. Thank you for sticking to me for so long I'm so sorry I missed a bunch of days/months >_<

January 17, 2015

> Holy craaap, ATL released their new single a few days ago and FOB released their entire album on youtube it's beautiful.

> Updates info like my age and my new tumblr url serenading-siren :D

September 21, 2014

> Sorry to my Daily Voters! Family stuff happened yesterday and prevented me from going online. I'll be trying to give you extra votes from my alternates :D


September 12, 2014

 > Updated my Daily Voters

 > Made a new Playlist; check it out on my Solkat Radio Section!

 > Finally have a free day<3 


July 14, 2014

 > College is hard. Ugh staying up to finish a.ssignments and fix coding errors. *shot*

Hey. I'm xEMOxROCKERx or "xemo" for short.

I'm 17, in my first year of college (BS-Computer Science), and I came from the "other" diva site, MyDivaDolls.

I have an emo side, peppy side, fun side, punk side, and basically I'm a complex human being like everyone else. (Disclaimer: May not be as nice as I seem.)

I love Homestuck, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy and lots of other things like Doctor Who or Cobra Starship.


Find Me On:

> Tumblr:

      >Mixed Fandom Blog (Bands & Homestuck Mostly)

> Twitter: psionic_nerd (Bands & Slightly Personal C:)

> Instagram: p2ionics (My Art/Doodles)


My 2nd Doll. Usually for Quests


My Leveling Doll. Please Vote <3


My Pirate Doll


Unused Doll
> Note: I don't access this doll anymore. The club on her page is disbanded for now.


1. Animaniacs

2. Ardenwick's Boarding School


4. Yokai Cafe

5. Monster's University

6. Hogwarts

7. Pottermore


Role Plays:

1. Demigods
> Becquerel
> Jasper 

2. Spirit of the Elements
> Jack Starke
> Lillian Collins
> Zachary Bennett

3. Matched
> Gabriel Adams 

4. Fairy Tail
> Carmine 

5. TMI Season 2
> Harley
> Gemini

darkelfqueen bloodyemos

malu angelfire

saffirelle rarity

spiderwick9 shadowchild3








1. Slice of Cherry by Dia Reeves

 > Horror, Romance, Mystery

2. Percy Jackson & the Olympians by Rick Riordan

 > Adventure, Mythology, Slight Romance

3. Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

 > Adventure, Mythology, Romance

4. Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves

 >Mystery, Supernatural, Mental Illness, Horror

Fan Fictions:

1. Primary Colors by RobotSquid @ AO3

 > M/M, Romance, Tragedy

2. Here We Are at the Start by pariahpirate @ AO3

 > M/M, Romance


Playlist Name:

"Whirlwind Love // Remember Me" 


1.Hot Mess - Cobra Starship


2.A Party Song(The Walk of Shame) - All Time Low


3.Backseat Serenade - All Time Low


4.Heroes - All Time Low


5.For Baltimore - All Time Low


6.Centuries - Fall Out Boy


September 2014

I love to draw, paint, sketch and whatever.

Here are the works I'm really proud of <3



See the rest >> HERE <<

To AnyaMalfoy

> for the Gemini Painting sweeet<3

To Rarity

> for the Gift Wig <3

To Shadowchild3

> for the SolKat Ava + Sig on the Board<3

> And this awesome Layout ahhhhh<3

To Melodie2

> for the Books

To iklovech

> For the Red/Black/White Wig and the Black Head Figure

Age Type City Country
27 years Woman Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Alex Gaskarth/Jack Barakat Pop Punk Inception
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Black, Red, Yellow Programmer Tokyo Ghoul Drawing/Writing

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