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16/06/2019 à 04:19:52
We went to our granddaughter's horse riding...
16/06/2019 à 03:01:59
Saturday's votes. Hugs
15/06/2019 à 23:49:36
15/06/2019 à 12:40:29

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Ta-da! I graduated today!

Bachelor of Science in Business
Adminstratration Major in Marketing Managment


And I'm also officially unemployed. ;-; 

I've been through a lot of ups and downs. Mostly downs hence why I
stopped daily voting for a loooonnng time. Also because I was doing 
my internship and would feel extremely tired. 

But the struggle is over I can take a month or few to rest and get back
to being myself. I lost myself along the way of trying to achieve this perception
of being "successful". I forgot how to give myself more room to breathe
and it resulted in me destroying very close relationships and losing
my identity. Hopefully these few weeks or months of resting
can help me become a better person so I can become a better employee. 

But I do have one opportunity waiting for me. The office I had worked in during
my internship has offered to give me a job specifically suited for me. 
They loved my creativity and it gave me that little spark of hope 
that I am something more than what I expected. But I still want to give
myself some challenges to go beyond my comfort zone. 

So good luck to me in finidng a job! ^.^


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Age Type City Country
21 years Woman Wonderland :> Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Chace Crawford Rock, Indie, Alternative, Punk, Kpop Alice in Wonderland Ice cream~
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Pastel Colors Marketing? A loooot~ Reading

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