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Green is the prime color of the world... ~Pedro...
24/02/2020 à 20:17:21
Votes and hope you are doing well!
22/02/2020 à 19:48:57
You probably think we eat out a lot. Call it...
22/02/2020 à 02:26:15
Men usually take better care of their boots...
21/02/2020 à 21:14:02

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Happy New Year girls! :D 

I'm verry sorry for the late greeting but since last month I've been
getting pretty busy with family things and now I'm fixing things
to start my work life. :) 

A little life upate:

I wasn't able to greet everyone during the holidays because 
during the Christmas week, my sisters spent their vacation 
in Sri Lanka for one week. So I was designated to be their tourist
guide (even though I got sick). T-T So I was very tired when I would
arrive home.

By the 28th of Decemeber, I flew back home with my sisters and 
all three of us got sick during the our flight up until now. ;-; But I still
did things that needed to be done and I even helped my sister last
Monday with our preschool. :D 

Thank you  to those who still remembers me and comments
well wishes to me while I was away. ^.^ I'll get back to you all really
soon! <3 

As for now, I still cannot commit to daily voting since I just found out
that the internet is very slow (but unlimited, thank goodness!). Netflix
takes a big chunk of memory in this household. XD

Also, I'll be doing online work soon so I can't tell exactly what the schedule 
will be since the time is flexible. I need to find the right balance
between family, work and personal time.  

Gahhhhh! I'm so excited to start work and to earn my own
money! I know it'll be stressful but I've noticed for the past 6 months
that doing nothing at home just makes me feel anxious.
So I'm super excited for 2020! 

Hope everyone's 2020 is filled with good memories! Also, 
I hope you girls get to fulfill your goals for this year!


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