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Thank you~! Please read my WIA ok? Votes and...
07/08/2020 à 03:46:19
Thursday teddybear hugs and votes from...
06/08/2020 à 20:33:07
votes :) xoxo birdeebee
06/08/2020 à 14:59:11
Wednesday votes and hugs from joyceeileen :)
05/08/2020 à 17:30:43

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I heard there was a new quest so I wanted to check it out. :3 



Life Update! :D 

I'm here once in a while as I figure things out in my life so please don't 
vote for me at this time. :) 

I just wanted to check up on you girls given with the pandemic situation
happening right now. It's hard not to be anxious about it since my family are
apart from each other. My parents are in the Middle East and I'm with my sisters
here in the Philippines. 

Hope you girls are safe at this time! If you'd like to contact me
you can always find me through my social medias. 

twitter: wonderlessabbey
instagram: ordinaryabbey 

If you do follow me, please in me your username from here! Would
love to keep in touch with you girls while I'm away. :) 

Note: You can message me on Facebook as well via the OMD group. 
Will not be giving a link to my profile here becaus it's quite personal, but 
just know that my name is Abbey. :D


My Dolls



Age Type City Country
22 years Woman Wonderland :> Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Chace Crawford Rock, Indie, Alternative, Punk, Kpop Alice in Wonderland Ice cream~
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Pastel Colors Marketing? A loooot~ Reading

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