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Belated Happy Birthday! ^.^
24/11/2017 à 16:15:23
Two thanksgiving dinners down, 1 to go~!! By...
24/11/2017 à 02:14:44
Happy Thanksgiving and have fun with your...
24/11/2017 à 00:14:46
What a busy day this has been.  Chex mix...
23/11/2017 à 03:35:54

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(Nov. 23 which is also Miley Cyrus' birthday rip)
Oct/13: Greetings, little doves! Second year of University is running smoothly, and fingers crossed that it will continue to do so. I haven't been able to come online and return votes, and for that I apologize profusely. I am not a daily voter (anymore), but I will try my best to return any comments, votes, messages, etc. that I recieve. However, they will be super slow! My schedule has been beyond hectic (what's new). Therefore, as much appreciated and sweet as it is, please don't feel inclined to vote for me everday! You're all so wonderful and beautiful in every way! xx
Nov/5: It's my birthday month! Unfortunately, I have so many major essays due on the same week; my brain is going to explode to even celebrate. In addition, I'm going on a roadtrip to Pennsylvania this Thursday until Sunday to meet up with some family for my Grandfather's 1 year anniversary of his death (Nov.10). Thus, I'll be mourning and working on my essays during this time which will hold me back from votes. Apologies. xx

Please keep my lifetime votes even. +1 votes will not be returned unless it was to even out my votes. Thank you.

A b o u t — Tidbit
Welp. I don't think I've ever really shared anything about myself except for what kinds of movies, musicions, and tv shows I like. So, here's a little tidbit about me (I'm sorry in advance bc I'm literally a total trashcan). I'm the kind of gal who seems like an open book, but is actually tightly shut with many layers of chains bounding around my covers. Usually when I do open up to people, I immediately regret it. Regardless, I find people fascinating and I still love making new friends. I write. A lot. Once I get started, I don't know how to stop. I'm an aspiring poetess and novelist, and I consider myself pretty artistic in many other art forms (e.g. drawing, painting, photography, etc.). I've always loved expressing myself artistically and delving into my dreamworld that is full of magic and possibilities. I'm a total introvert, and my system runs on anxiety and tea 99% of the time. I love to sleep (hence the gif above and also bc the character is 100% me personality, wardrobe, and almost name wise rip). I'm an autumn child, where the months are significant for withering leaves and decay. I live for time periods and fairytale films, and I suffer from an overbearing sense of melancholy. My aesthetic would probably be something lovely but dark, like roses with thorns. If I could, I'd be a fair maiden secluded in a beautiful secret garden, wearing a soft white dress and an enchanting flower crown, all while listening to the sweet violin play as I flip through the pages of an interesting book. I try to live by the motto: have courage and be kind, and to have an open-mind. However, I am not particularly fond of people who feel self-entitled, are prejudice, and behave flat out rude. We're all equal; we're all one. I have a social justice warrior side (I have so many layers lbr I'm like an onion), and my username comes from the tv show "Xena, the Warrior Princess" (aka the social justice warrior herself). I also greatly adore Diana Prince, and the film "Wonder Woman" has my heart. And that's the tidbit, timbit~! I may or may not delete it sometime in the near future bc anxiety, haha. Thanks for reading! xx

(let's be real, i forgot some stuff)
tv shows; the secret circle, riverdale (even though i strictly grew up with the comics and they're nothing alike rip), magnificent century, game of thrones, the walking dead, gilmore girls, teen wolf, the 100, charmed, the vampire diaries, reign, once upon a time, supernatural, sabrina the teenage witch, downton abbey, scream series, gotham, xena the warrior princess, american horror story, friends, hannibal anime; black butler, kamisama kiss, ourans high school host club, betrayal knows my name (aka uraboku), hetalia, winx club movies; anastasia, pirates of the caribbean, harry potter, labyrinth, ever after, stardust, thor, the avengers, spider man, peter pan, narnia, sherlock holmes, pride and prejudice, the phantom of the opera, wonder woman, becoming jane, twitches, halloweentown, monsters inc., lilo and stitch, beauty and the beast, cinderella, how to train your dragon, pitch perfect hobbies; writing, reading, poetry, drawing, singing, photoshop, karate, dancing, swimming, acting. photography, html coding k-pop; boyfriend, beast, vixx, exo, blackpink, 4minute, jj project bands/singers; marina and the diamonds, chelsea wolfe, eurielle, imagine dragons, nickleback, the pretty reckless, my chemical romance, florence and the machine, arctic monkeys, within temptation, sabaton, jack white, shakira, lana del rey, compilation of celtic music, voltaire, melanie martinez, mumford and sons, damien rice, animals, linkin park, woodkid, halsey, birdy, laurel, sami yusuf composers; hans zimmer, adrian von ziegler, john williams, beethoven, two steps from hell, mozart, dilshad said (aka my relative!!), james newton howard, 2cellos, dario marianelli, tchaikovsky, bach, peter gundry

Thank you!
babybanni, for the sweet gifts~!:
arlekinlain, for the spooky gift~!:
xlollipopbunnyx, for the christmas gift~!:
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Age Type City Country
19 years Woman Neverland. Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Gal Gadot. Long list, folks. Pirates of the Caribbean. Tacos.
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Caribbean Blue. Actress/Novelist. The Secret Circle. Reading.

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