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A good friend is like a four leaf clover: Hard...
14/03/2019 à 02:14:58
It's been 3 months since Momma pas s ed away~!!...
16/02/2019 à 04:23:38
Old Groundhog stretched in his leafy bed. He...
02/02/2019 à 04:08:42

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raise your words, not your voice. it is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

Rest in peace, MDD.


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Nov/2: Oh, crumbles! I apologize for the inactivity, my darlings. University has been a struggle lately, and I've been busy swamped with too many books to read. I'm also getting prepared to go abroad next term to study in England, which I'm both super anxious and excited about! On that note, if anyone lives in England or in the UK in general, let me know what your favourite things to do or see there are! I'm ready to explore. ^-^ Also, thank you so much to those sweet sugarplums who always continue to vote for me even when I'm away! I notice you, and I appreciate you immensly. Sending everyone much love! xx
Please keep my lifetime votes even. +1 votes will not be returned unless it was to even out my votes. Thank you.

A b o u t — Tidbit
Autumn November child, garden heart, love for petrichor and the moon. Just your fellow anxious daydreamer and melancholic bean who loves to write and obsess over pirates of the caribbean and ever after. I love genres relating to epic fantasy, folklore, mythology, time periods, and fairytales. I'm a complete flowers and tea enthusiast, and I would rather spend my days reading in the garden (or splurge away money I have on books at Indigo). 99% of the time, my system runs on anxiety and tea. My favourite princesses are Belle and Cinderella, and I try to live by the motto: have courage and be kind. I'm an aspiring novelist and poetess, and I enjoy being creative in many artistic forms such as sketching, painting, photography, etc. My username is inspired from the TV show, "Xena the Warrior Princess". That's the tidbit, timbit. xx
Currently Reading:
~ A Court of Wings and Fury - SJM
~ Emma - Jane Austen.

(let's be real, i forgot some stuff)
tv shows the secret circle, gilmore girls, charmed, merlin, supernatural, sabrina the teenage witch, flight 29 down, xena the warrior princess, friends, uraboku, sailor moon, black butler, hetalia, ourans highschool host club, winx club movies anastasia, pirates of the caribbean, harry potter, labyrinth, ever after, stardust, ella enchanted, peter pan, narnia, sherlock holmes, pride and prejudice, the phantom of the opera, wonder woman, twitches, beauty and the beast, cinderella, how to train your dragon hobbies creative writing, reading, baking, poetry, drawing, singing, photoshop, karate, dancing, painting, ballet, swimming, acting, photography, html coding k-pop vixx (my very first k-pop love!), blackpink, iu artists marina and the diamonds, chelsea wolfe, eurielle, ruelle, imagine dragons, florence and the machine, arctic monkeys, within temptation, lana del rey, compilation of celtic music, birdy, laurel, sami yusuf;composers, hans zimmer, adrian von ziegler, john williams, beethoven, two steps from hell, mozart, dilshad said (aka my relative!!), james newton howard, 2cellos, dario marianelli, tchaikovsky, bach, peter gundry

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Age Type City Country
21 years Woman Faerie Realms. Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Barbara Palvin. Violin. Pirates of the Caribbean. Tacos.
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Caribbean Blue. Actress/Novelist. Gilmore Girls. Reading.

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