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I love your BG~!! Your vote counts~!! Thank...
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Getting things ready for our kitten-proof tree....
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Okay my internet is going major slow today. I finished my new layout but it's giving me problems and I do not have the patients with a slow internet to figure it out. I will try to figure out why the freaking scrollbar won't stay in place. If I can't fix it I will just have to reconfigure the layout. *Sigh* So much work ahead of me. Also tomorrow the 12 is my B-day. I almost forgot. Well in my defence the days have been going by quick.

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27 years Woman US
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Johnny Depp & BTS K-pop, J-pop, Rock, & Pop Underworld Saga, X-men Saga, 300, & Immortals Fruits, Vegetables, Pepperoni, & Bacon
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Pink, Blue, & Bright Colors Artist & Author Supernatural, Grimm, Sleepy Hollow, & House MD Drawing, Reading, & Writing

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