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Comments from kimaly
Lucy, B and K came down today and we had a really good time. Ravi is worn out and sleeping~! Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez
23/03/2021 à 01:30:26
I had two of the awesomest visitors today along with their Mommy. My granddaughters, B and K. We played the game of Life. No matter way to cheer me up~! Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez
22/02/2021 à 04:30:28
"Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving." ~W. T. Purkiser~ Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez
22/11/2020 à 02:17:24
I made potato salad for the girls birthday party 2morrow~! B will be 9 and K will be 7. Their Aunt Amber is making a Moana cake for B and a toad cake for K. She loves toads. Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez
16/08/2020 à 03:47:45
“It takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow. There would be no rainbows without sunshine and rain.”. It's been raining off and on today. Rainbows in the sky~! Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez
11/07/2020 à 04:42:09
Rainy chilly day~! We even had snow flurries tonight. lol Thank you for voting~! ~Return votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez~
16/04/2020 à 04:33:57
A sad but true story: Saw 3 deer this morning laying out behind our yard in a field. After watching for 2 hours one got up. Had a broken leg. The other two got up and were limping. All 3 had been hurt somehow. Sad votes but warm hugz from Cook iesez
23/01/2020 à 04:45:03
31/10/2019 à 16:03:58
We went to the $ Tree today and I bought some Halloween decorations and Thanksgiving napkins and paper plates. Came home and swept off my front porch and decorated it! ~Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez~!!
04/10/2019 à 04:35:01
When life gives you a rainy day; play in the puddles~! Rainy day votes with warm hugz from Cook iesez
26/04/2019 à 04:21:59

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