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Comments from rebirth
Sunday night votes with warm hugz from Cook iesez~! : )
15/03/2021 à 02:46:35
It's been a good day. I finished making my Valentine tags with glitter. They are drying. Then I mixed up German Lekuchen cook ie dough to cut out tomorrow. Keeps me from thinking of the clouds and covid~! Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez
29/01/2021 à 03:39:23
Here's to those who've seen us at our best, and seen us at our worst and can't tell the difference~! Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez
30/12/2020 à 17:12:10
Are you enjoying the advent gifts? We're getting a warm up and snow will start melting. Waiting for more presents to arrive so I can finish wrapping up and start baking. I do things in order of shop, wrap, bake~! Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez
03/12/2020 à 04:23:11
We drove in the snow to a small town post office to buy Christmas stamps. No waiting line. No steps. lol Then we got hot chocolate. Once home I started wrapping presents~! Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez
01/12/2020 à 04:51:03
What would you get if you crossed a vampire and a teacher? Lots of blood tests! Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez
21/10/2020 à 03:37:19
Update on family life: We're staying at home a lot~! No restaurants anything. Pick up or delivery only. No school for my grandchildren and my children and spouses aren't working. : ( ~Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez~
19/03/2020 à 03:05:39
Anyone know how to give a good ma s s age? 3 days in a row of intense sc rapbooking has left my neck and shoulders very sore. But I love the end results of my scr apbooking~! ~Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez~
06/03/2020 à 03:47:58
Last day of the cold stuff. Tomorrow it's going to warm up into the 50's. And it's March 1. Spring is getting closer. Today Bruce and I played a lot of Mexican Road Dominoes! ~Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez~
01/03/2020 à 04:25:07
Snowing tonight! Took some beef stew into Focus where I go to for Crochet Corner. It's also a place where people go who are in recovery from addictions. A place to hang out. Get advice and support from. ~Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez~
26/02/2020 à 03:14:39

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