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Dear parents,

To play is an easy way for your children not only to have fun but also learning something in the process.

In this sense, Ohmydollz is a game that teaches you children essential things, while being fun and entertaining.

Through the creation of their look and the decoration of their house your children will learn :

  • Manage a budget: your children dispose of a sum of virtual money, called Ohmydollars (§§§), which they will have to put to good use, buying clothes and furniture.

  • Develop social skills : Ohmydollz enables a great deal of interaction with other players. Your children can not only visit the houses and vote for the most beautiful doll, but also communicate through forums and private messages.

  • Develop their mental capacities: your children will be able to play mini-games, such as sudoku, which calls for imagination, math skills and a good memory.

  • Develop their creativity : by combining clothes, accessories, hairdo and makeup, your children will create a look, which calls on them to know how to pair up colours and different styles. The decoration of their house will also call for a great deal of creativity and imagination.

The game has been created in a fashion that your children don't have to connect themselves everyday to the game. When your children aren't connected, the game will pause and does not change. This system makes it possible for your children to do other activities without losing anything in-game.

In order to have your children learn and to have more fun on Ohmydollz, we propose other games in exchange for a small fee. With only a couple of euros from you, this secure payment system will help develop the game and make itbetter so that our entertainment makes your children even happier.

However, there is no way of knowing if the payments have been done by children or by consenting parents. That's why we encourage you to talk to your children in order to know what kind of sites they surf on and how they use them. If you wish to block the access to our in-game bank, we recommend that you use parental blocking programs which will permit you to block any access.


The entire FEERIK team


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