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Willow's MyDivaDoll Home Pt. 1

Category : Personal Video

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willowskye I'm glad I was able to do this, because I've most likely all the screenshots I took. They're on my son's old and now dead comptuer. :( So, unless I can somehow, someday get them back...this is it. [18/09/2012 11:32:25]
gothgirluni woo! You are one ahead of me on that! And I didn't make screen caps either, so doing my own isn't going to happen. [19/06/2011 02:40:13]
faechild86 Makes me want to create on myself! wonderful job! [18/06/2011 18:31:27]
snortmort That was wonderful, Willow - makes me so sad to think of all the things/dollz/friends we lost when MDD went down. Your tribute is so well-done, my friend! [18/06/2011 17:05:46]
cookiesez This was pretty awesome my friend~! We had a lot of neat things didn't we? And then lost it all~! Great Job D~! Looking forward to Part 2~! :D Hugz, C o o k i e [18/06/2011 15:11:53]
fairykisses Awe..... It kinda makes me want to cry. Just remembering all the items and dolls that have been lost. Great job! [18/06/2011 15:04:30]
very nice :) and awesome song to go with it!! it's been almost 4 ever since i heard this song :) awesome job all around :) [18/06/2011 08:14:43]
willowskye My very first slideshow ever! More to come...a lot more. :) [18/06/2011 05:20:45]

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