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Fashion Show Rules

1) What is the Fashion Show contest?

The Fashion Show contest is THE official contest set up to elect miss OhMyDollz!
The winners will also become famous since their avatars are displayed on the show page until the next election! !

2) How to take part in the Fashion Show contest?

To access the Fashion Show contest, click on the “Shows” menu at the top of the page, then choose “Fashion Show”.
To register, you need:
- a valid email address,
- to possess AT LEAST 30 items in “My Things”,
- to use between AT LEAST 6 items for the outfit in your “loft” room.
- the outfit displayed when you register must correspond to the current show theme.

The “Fashion Show” contest takes place every two weeks.
The theme is announced on Monday afternoon and there are two different contest phases:

- First phase: Registration
The registration phase starts on Tuesday at 10:00 AM and lasts until the next Monday at 10:00 AM (French time).

- Second phase: The Votes

The voting phase starts on the second Tuesday at 10:00 AM and lasts until Monday at 10:00 AM. (French time).
The podium is announced on Monday at 10:00 AM (French time) and a new theme is launched in the afternoon.

There is a different and compulsory theme every week, you must make up the outfit you are wearing in your “loft” room with prerequisites, that is items or accessories that come from such and such store. The theme is announced the day before the registrations are opened on the board and in the news. You must play the game and respect the theme!

Caution, only the outfit worn by your doll in your “loft” room is taken into account for the show. Therefore, when you register, check that outfit you want for the contest is the one in your “loft” room.

3) Once I have registered, can I modify the outfit in my loft?

When you register for the contest, your outfit is saved.
The Fashion Show is a refined contest, the Feerik team needs to be able to examine your outfit under all its guises. Therefore, you should not modify it.

4) Why did I get banned or disqualified from the Fashion Show contest?

The team can disqualify a player anytime if:
- the prerequisite items are hidden;
- the loft outfit doesn't correspond to the contest theme.

If you are disqualified that way, you get a second chance to enroll with a different loft outfit during the “registration phase”.
Forum moderators can also explain to you why you got disqualified and advise you via the Why Did I Get Disqualified topic.

The team can ban a player anytime if:
- the outfit doesn't clearly respect the theme;
- the player offers gifts or other rewards to players in exchange for votes;
- the player uses any means to put pressure on other players to get votes.

If you are banned that way, you cannot take part in the current Fashion Show contest. If you are banned three times, you cannot participate in shows anymore.

Each player participates anonymously, you can see your position in the show ranking on the “Fashion Show” page.

5) What about the theme?

The theme is announced every Monday on the “News” part of the game and in the "Fashion Show and OhMyLoft" section of the board.
You also have a “Details about the Contest” link at the top of the “Fashion Show” page.
And Sarah lists the “forbidden” items and “prerequisites” on the board.

6) Why are the forbidden items often the same?

To make sure the players don't always use the same items, some items are forbidden. This list of items is set up by the team OhMyDollz and can be modified weekly.

7) Can I use items or accessories won during quests?

Yes, items or accessories won during quests can be used for the Fashion Show contest, yet they are not considered as prerequisites.

8) What about the votes?

You can take part in the show and vote. You just need to be connected and to click on one of the three “outfits” displayed on the show page. Once you have chosen an outift, click to validate and three different participants will appear on screen. If you cannot see it, that means that the voting phase hasn't started. The time left for each contest phase is given by the count-down on the “Fashion Show” page.

9) The random doesn't work, I always see the same outfits, what's happening?

You can use the “pass” button if you don't want to vote for the “outfit” that is displayed. But the “outfits” are displayed randomly. To understand the computer system that we call 'random' better, imagine a huge bucket filled up with thousands of balls, you pick three balls at random. Then you put them back in, and you pick three others and so and so for 10 hours. If you check the numbers on the balls each time, you will get different results, some balls will have been picked several times, and other only once or never at all. And the results will also vary from one player to another. That means that if we both do the bucket and ball test, I will not get the same results as you do.

10) I can't see my own outfit in the Fashion Show contest, why?

That's normal, that stops players from voting for themselves.

11) If I win the Fashion Show contest can I register again?

Once you have won the Fashion Show contest you cannot participate in the Fashion Show contest for 2 months.

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Re: Fashion Show Rules

More Information:

Each Fashion Show has Prohibited items you aren't allowed to use.  These DO change with each Fashion Show, so pay attention! :)

Gifts To Offer Friends
These are the gifts you can send to your friends.  A list of them can be found HERE.

Gazette Gifts
Those cute free gifts from the OMD Gazette.  A list of them can be found HERE.

Models/Dressed Characters
These are the characters that already have an outfit.
You are allowed to use the dollz that stick to your doll, dollz’back, dollz’curvy and dollz’men. (unless otherwise stated)

The Items Around and At the Feet of the Dollz
This means anything not a part of the outfit.  So no glitter, floating items, pets, etc..

Secondary Characters
You cannot have any other characters, only your doll.

The Fantastic
This means anything not realistic. So no wings, magical items, etc..


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