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[Gifts] My list to Santa Claus!

Hello dollz

Santa Claus arrived on OhMyDollz with wonderful surprises!

He has selected several magnificent collectors items and offers you the opportunity to choose your favorite gifts from his list! Come see him to make your choice ;)

Discover the superb gifts on the list to delight your Christmas!

Santa Claus offers you tickets to get these gifts.

Each player is offered 3 tickets from him. VIP players receive 4

If you hesitate between several gifts or if you wish to get more than what the free tickets allow you to, you can buy additional tickets at the bank for 45 Fee’z a piece.

Go then to the list to use the ticket(s) on the item of your choice.

You have until December 25, 11:59 p.m. (Paris time) to collect your gifts.

Enjoy your gifts! Merry Christmas to everyone!


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