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[Pack] Asian Weddings

Hello dollz

To stay in the mood for Valentine’s Day, Sarah offers you the opportunity to get the contents of an old heart hunt, with its theme dedicated to love and romance.

In 2018, Sarah organized a heart delivery. Chests with fabulous items on the theme of Asian weddings were awarded and they are coming back!

The beautiful gifts from this event are available in packs until Sunday.

Discover the content of these packs

The Korea pack

The Vietnam pack

The China pack

The Japan pack

This pack contains also a model that cannot be bought directly in lofts!

Also available in a pack without the model.

Take advantage of these packs until Sunday at 11:59pm (Paris hour). Romance is blooming on OhMyDollz!


If you are in the US, Central time zone... 11:59 pm paris time is 3:59pm

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