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✦ ◆Ancient◆Goddess◆Academy◆✦

.Welcome to Ancient Goddesses Academy.

This academy was created by Lolita-Elenita. The sense is to have fun together, recreating some of the mythological goddesses that we like. The Main Doll for this Academy is: Ancient-Goddess

1)Do not copy the outfit of another Goddess (or Main Goddess)
2)Do not create a doll without first ask (to Ancient-Goddess) if you can enter in the academy
3)Do not have a bad behavior

1)Send a message to Ancient-Goddess, telling her that you want to join
2)Choose a name from the list or ask first :)
3)Create the doll with that name and let me know for it
4)Now you are in the Academy ;)

[ List (these list are some ideas only)]
Egyptian Godesses
Heket (symbol of life and fertility who presides over births)
Seshat (Egyptian goddess of writing)
Tawaret ''The great one''(Egyptian Goddess protector of childbirth )
Ammyt ( the "devourer of the dead" or "devourer of hearts", in Egyptian mythology)
Anuket (Anukis in Greek) is the water goddess, goddess of the Nile.
Hatmeith (Egyptian mythology, the goddess fish or "The Fish Lady")
Menhit ("The one who sacrifice" was a war goddess in Egyptian mythology)
Meret ("The Beloved", was a goddess who was associated with joy, music, song and dance)
Mereteseger ("She who loves silence" was the cobra goddess)
Meskhenet (was the goddess associated with motherhood, protector at birth and childhood)
Mut ("Mother," Mother Goddess, source of all creation, sky goddess in Egyptian mythology)
Nekhbet ("The Nekheb of" patron goddess at birth and in the wars)
Nunet  (in Egyptian mythology is the goddess who is the god Nun, his double, the first of the four couples, the first water)
Neith (an ancient goddess of war and hunting, later creator of gods and men, funeral divinity, goddess of wisdom)
Qades (was a goddess associated with love)
Qebehut ("Fresh Water" is the goddess who personifies the freshness funeral and purification through water)
Satet ("The one that flies like an arrow", was a goddess of war, associated with the flooding, fertility and love)
Tefnut ("Lady Flame", goddess of moisture, represents the dew that vivifies and bodily processes that produce moisture)
Tueris (celestial goddess, the "Mystery of the horizon")
Uadyet ("Lady from Heaven", symbolizing the burning heat of the sun, and the flame of fire)

Greek Goddesses
Harmonia (is the goddess of harmony and concord)
Afea (Goddess of light)
Aglaya ('The shining', 'the magnificent', 'splendid', Symbolized intelligence, the creative power of the intellect and intuition)
Euclea (goddess of good reputation and glory)
Eufema ( goddess of speech right)
Eutenea (goddess of prosperity and fulfillment)
Filofrósine (goddess of kindness and welcome)
Aidos (Greek goddess of shame, modesty and humility)
Ariadna ("Lady of the Labyrinth" & her name means "The most pure", not a goddess, but was revered. She was the wife of Dionysus.)
Derceto (It was sometimes confused with Dagon, "the great lady of the land north of Syria" or Goddess of Syria)
Despoina (goddess of the mysteries of Arcadian cults, worshiped with her mother Demeter)
Epione (the goddess of health)
Eufrosine (symbolizes the joy)
Herse (The goddess of dew)
Higia (goddess of healing, cleansing and healing)
Hesperis (minor goddess guardian of time of day. Hesperis is the hour of sunset)
Selene (Moon Goddess, daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia)
Eos ( the goddess of the dawn and sister of Selene)

Norse Goddesses
Brynhildr (was a skjaldmö (maiden squire) and a Valkyrie)
Gunnr ("Battle maiden")
Kara ("the wild, stormy")
Ladgerda (stunning and ready skjaldmö who, as a woman, had the courage of a man, fighting to the front among the bravest ones)
Rota (was attending the battlefield accompanied by other Valkyries as Gunnr and Skuld and chose who should die and then be taken to Valhalla)
Sigrdrífa (appears as a mentor or counselor of the famous hero Sigurd)
Sigrún (leader of the nine Valkyries)
Skögul ("roar of Skögul")
Hildr (Hilda) (She had the power to revive the dead from the battlefield)
Skuld (Norna) (Along with her sisters wove the tapestry of fate under the ash tree Yggdrasil, Skuld is usually interpreted as the appearance of or related target in the future reflected, ie "what we will need)
Urd (Along with her sisters wove the tapestry of fate under the ash tree Yggdrasil, "destiny", Norn is spinning the threads of the loom ("what happened in the past")
Verdandi (Along with her sisters wove the tapestry of fate under the ash tree Yggdrasil, Norna deciding the length of the thread of life. Even the gods were subject to his will. She decided how much and how they would live, and when and how all living things die)
Svanhvít (He married a king and then turned into a swan flew away)

Pruor ("Strong" or "Power", Daughter of Thor and Sif, a Valkyrie who served the einherjar in Valhalla.)
Jord (Goddess mother of Thor, she represent the offspring. Means "Earth")
Sif (symbolizes fidelity and crops his hair blond, which helped his development)
Gefjun ("giver", a visionary and goddess)
Eir ("support" or "mercy", cured with magic)
Sigyn ("friend of victory", wife of Loki)
Syn (Goddess of surveillance and the truth)
Sól (Goddess of the Sun)
Lofn (Goddess of Forbbiden love, gathered the men and women whose marriage was forbidden. From his name comes the word "permission", so it is highly praised by men)
Iduun (guardian of the apples which the gods give eternal youth)
Sjofn (She strives to change the minds of people to love, both women and men, and his name, sjafni, comes the expression "longing for love)
Var ("benevolent". She is the one who hears the oaths and agreements between men and women, and takes revenge on those who break them)

*We accept suggestions for new homes. From other mythologies. Also if you think (or want) a goddess of existing homes and STILL NOT appear, ASK first.

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Re: ✦ ◆Ancient◆Goddess◆Academy◆✦

Wooowww!I love how you "decorated" this topic gai .It's really awesome star

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Re: ✦ ◆Ancient◆Goddess◆Academy◆✦

thanks :)
nice to see you here on board:applau:


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Re: ✦ ◆Ancient◆Goddess◆Academy◆✦

Nice job my friend with this topic .! Congatz


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Re: ✦ ◆Ancient◆Goddess◆Academy◆✦

Opening a new home "Japanese Goddesses"

Lolita-Elenita it isn't active this month (exams and Real Life)

I receive the requests for this new home.


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