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FAQ - How to post images

Before you can post images on your page or in the board, you will first need to validate your account.  See here for instructions.

There is one basic difference between posting on the board and your page. The board uses BBCode and your 'Who am I' uses HTML.

images on your 'Who am I'
There are three ways to get images onto your 'Who am I'.

1) Find the Image you want, download it to your computer. Upload it to an image host. Copy the 'direct link/image url'. Enter the code manually, using html.

2) Find the image you want, download it to your computer. Upload it to an image host. Copy the 'direct link/image url'. Click the little tree button at the top of your page and paste the code into the Img url box. Click ok.

3) Right click the picture you want, click 'copy' and then paste onto your shine.
This is not recommended for the following reasons
* You may copy invisible code onto your page and mess it up.
* You are stealing bandwidth from another person's site.

EDIT by asami:

Images on the boards

EDIT by asami:
(yes, i took the snap by my own and load it up on photobucket)

The board uses BB Code. You can either use it as in the picture above or type the code in directly.

[ img ]URLGOESHERE[ /img ] (just remove the spaces)

Notes on Image hosts, bandwidth & URLs

A URL is the web address of you image. It always starts http://

Bandwidth is the amount of times an image can be viewed at any given time. Some image hosting websites/website hosts only allow their users a certain amount of views. Once they go over that their pictures are disabled or the account is locked. If you link a file from that site without the owners express permission you are stealing their bandwidth.

There are plenty of image hosts out there. If you google image hosts you will find many which offer a free service for doing so. Some require you to sign up. Others do not. Find the right one for you.
Well know image hosts are ones such as (no sign up needed), and

Finally. All images uploaded anywhere on OhMyDollz MUST comply with the rules.


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