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#1 2012-09-14 00:27:22

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Mods. double-posting

Hello dollz. :)

Just a quick post to let you know that you may start to notice us moderators now double-posting from time to time.

We will do this for moderator purposes only, such as when we have an important update that we would like to bring to the player's attention (yet we were the last one to reply.)  Using the current format of editting our last post to add the update does not always make it visible for the players, and we would hate for you to miss any important updates/information. ;)

We will do this for moderator purposes only...not when we are replying/taking part in conversations as a player.  Players are still not be allowed to double post (but you are allowed to bump in the BUGS! forum, should you need.  See this link for rules on bumping in the BUGS! forum: )

Again, this is just to let everyone know you may see us double-posting from time to time now. :)

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Re: Mods. double-posting

Good to know Thanks willow
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Re: Mods. double-posting

Thanks for letting us know :)
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Re: Mods. double-posting

Thanks for telling us! Good to know. :)

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