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Official moderators for OhMyDollz

The current list of moderators for OhMyDollz is


Any other person claiming to be a moderator is NOT a moderator and should be reported.

The official moderators can always be confirmed by seeing who is listed on the index page of the board under each section.

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Re: Official moderators for OhMyDollz

For those of you who may be wondering who karotte007 and kmilea are (as they are shown on the index of the board under the "moderated by" section)...

karotte007 is a board administrator (who used to be our GM but now oversees the other GM's) and kmilea is our current GM (Games Manager.)

As with a moderators, if you are ever contacted by them, you should also listen to them.  They will NOT ask for your password, just as a moderator would not.

Just for those who are/were confused. :)
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