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#1 2019-04-30 16:37:52

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[Closed] Gifts to friends buggy

When giving a gift to another doll, sometimes you will get a message that says "that is an invalid choice" or the regular message that indicates you've successfully given the gift.  However... even if you get the message saying you've given the gift, that doesn't always mean your gift actually successfully appeared to your friend.

I am not sure if the ticket is deducted from your account in either case since sometimes I'm not paying attention to that total.  Also, unless I PM a friend to ask if they liked such and such gift, I may not know that they never got the gift.. .since they wouldn't have received a message saying they received a gift.
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#2 2019-07-09 18:33:30

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Re: [Closed] Gifts to friends buggy

We just heard back from the OMD team about this bug.

1. For gifts that don't work, we need a list of those gifts that are bugging if the issue still exists.

2. The absence of a gift confirmation message can happen if the player wants to go too fast, it is necessary to wait a little while before sending another gift.

3. In the cases mentioned where there is no message, do you have an empty message (blue frame without text) or no blue frame at all?

4. If the gift has not been sent, no loss of gift voucher.

5. The only way to make sure that a player has received a gift if you don't get a message is to ask them.

We'll keep this topic open for 24 hours. If any players are still seeing this issue after the topic has been closed, please feel free to reach out to the mods and we'll re-open this.


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