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#1 2019-09-28 20:39:22

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[Fixed] Error while shopping

Today I was shopping in the Summer store and things seemed to be working fine. I bought two eyeshadows and was buying several wigs when I got an error message....the kind that says fatal when you're doing something right at the change to the next day and it doesn't go through and you have to refresh. Well, the 2 eyeshadow purchases went through just fine but none of the wig purchases subtracted the money from my account but didn't give me any of the wigs. Which is weird because as I purchased them I had to click ok so it looked like they were processing. I wouldn't even have remembered the exact amount of dollarz I had except that I always have a few tabs, inventory, I can be sure I'm not buying stuff on accident that I already have. My inventory page still showed how much I had when I first pulled it up before making my purchases...the shop page I had to refresh showed the new amount after the purchases. I waited a few hours to see if it would fix itself but it hasn't so I thought I would see if anyone else has had any trouble. I play through I guess if there was an issue it would only affect people who play through Facebook. I don't want to do anything else on the account that could make it more difficult for them to check things out if I have to send in a ticket but I also don't want to miss out on the sale while it's going on. :/

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Re: [Fixed] Error while shopping

Hello, sorry for taking so long to get to you!
Has this issue been resolved yet? Did you get your money back or the wigs?

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