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(Replay) Quest: First Steps in Elite Dollz

Quest: First Steps in Elite Dollz
Store Used: Elite Dollz
Two Endings? No
Job? Yes. TV Actress $$7 Job
Room? Villa  Elite
Talent? No.
Total Cost: $230
Information: some bonus questions have been updated as the Elite Dollz game is no longer accessible since the end of Flash. (Actually some of the questions don't make much since) They must have tried to translate the story using google. LOL

1. because of its theaters and music shows
2. Queen V
3. The enemy of the heroine
4. 3
5.  South of Manhattan
6. Dollz Institute.
7. After Evening theater.

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Re: (Replay) Quest: First Steps in Elite Dollz

Thanks for the info Jenz!

I tried to find the original guide, but at a quick glance  couldn't find it.  I was wondering if last time, we received a private message from "Sarah" after completing the quest:

We probably did, back when that other game was still going on.  (I never liked that game, it was so awkward)

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