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Complete Quest Index

Work In Progress

2009 - Detailed List
- Halloween 2009 Quest

2010 - Detailed List
- Autumn Quest
- Become a rockstar!
- Christmas Quest 2010
- Halloween 2010 Quest

2011 - Detailed List
- Back to School 2011
- Caribbean Cruise
- Christmas 2011 Quest
- Detective/Marilyn Monroe
- Halloween 2011 Quest
- Sarah's birthday 2011
- USA Road Trip

2012 - Detailed List
- Back To School 2012
- Cannes 2012
- Christmas Quest 2012
- Fashion Adventure
- Halloween 2012 Quest
- His name is Zach...
- Movie Quest 2012
- Road Trip to Miami
- Sarah's Birthday 2012

2013 - Detailed List
- Back To School 2013
- Birthday 2013
- Calamity Dollz Quest
- 2013 Cannes Film Festival ?
- Caribbean Cruise
- Carpe Diem
- Christmas 2013 Quest
- Defeated Tales Quest
- North Pole Adventurer?
- OMD, a fabulous talent!
- Panther Woman
- Paranormal Halloween
- Party Organizers
- Submarine Quest
- Vet Without Borders

2014 - Detailed List
- Beauty & The Beast
- Bollywood Quest 2014
- Cannes 2014
- Christmas Quest 2014
- Cruise For Singles
- Egyptian Goddess
- Eye of the She-Wolf
- Flower Quest
- Halloween is Here
- Japan 2014
- Journey to Ireland
- King Arthur
- Monaco
- Music Festival
- Pastry Chef
- Save the Fashion

2015 - Detailed List
- A dream of a Birthday
- Atlantis
- Cannes 2015
- Christmas 2015
- Department Store
- Didoll
- Dollztube
- Equitation!
- Fashion Week 2015
- Fun Fair
- Halloween 2015
- Miami Beach
- Music Festival
- Paris Gourmand
- The Quest for Mr. Valentine
- Royal Baby
- Royal Baby
- Secret Garden
- Space Opera
- Swan Lake
- True Love
- We have to save the animals!
- Welcome to the Hamptons
- Winter Sports?
- Wonderland

2016 - Detailed List
- A new life
- Araméo and Juliwen
- Costume Designer
- DesiDollz Trends
- Dollz-Express
- Halloween 2016
- Indian colors
- In the land of music
- Modern Witch
- Nordic Legends
- Party Planner
- Pirates Quest
- Sherlock Dollz
- Silk Road
- Tokyo
- Travel in Ancient Egypt
- Trip to Scotland
- Valentine's Day at Hogwarts
- 2016 Anniversary

2017 - Detailed List
- Dollzella
- Free spirit
- The Game Dethrone
- Halloween: Welcome to Feerik Hills!
- Magical Forest
- May 4th
- November Rain
- Russian Christmas
- Urban Poetry
- Versailles
- Valentine's Day 2017




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Re: Complete Quest Index

2011/2012 Fashion Trotter

2011 The Funny Housemates *Roommates

2012  music festival … 46&p=1

2012 Greek Goddess … 780#p94780

2012 North Pole … 89#p143489

2012 Manga … 30#p343030

2012 Dollz Secret / Gossip Dollz … 78#p268478

2012 "Teenagers" … 628&p= 

2012 Mark or Alejandro flirt
Louis or Flavio flirt

Summer Camp

2013 Launch your Musical … 87#p261887

QUEST:  Launch your Musical
STORE:  Music
ROOM: with either ending Theater room/extension
JOB:  None
COST: one ending: $199 two endings: $249 + 150 feez

North Pole
-> … 84#p262684

Valentine … 36&p=1 … n/?lang=us
Miss OMD 2014 Quest Guide … 51#p261151
The Vet quest … 71#p274271

  Reservistin Africa … 26#p271926

The Anniversary Quest of 2014: … 56#p279456

2015 Winter Sports … 62#p339162
2017  10 Anniversary The Magical Forest

Time adventures
2018 Mermaids

2018 The Vet Quest … 71#p274271

Meeting With Mr. Walker … 90#p297790

2018 Cinema Divas Mini Quest for Jury President … 66#p340166
2020 Dollzelieux

2021 Cookie game/ Workshop

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Re: Complete Quest Index



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Re: Complete Quest Index

cocobelle wrote:

Holidays & Special Events

OMD Anniversary/ Sarah's Birthday
2011 Guide
2012 Guide
2013 Guide
2014 Guide
2015 Guide
2016 Guide
2017 Guide

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Re: Complete Quest Index

For angel on a mission, the answers are:
1. Horns
2. Robbie Williams
3. Humor
4. Lucifer
5. Shakespeare
6. Red
both ending feez's it's 150


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Re: Complete Quest Index

Quest Name: Reporter
Store Used: Doll Story
Two Endings? yes
Job? yes Reporter $7
Room? no
Talent? No.
Total Cost: 246 $$$

1.Corset -


3.a hand purse-

4. sneakers-

5. helmet-

6. blue lagoon-

7. skirt and short-

two endings

no room

buy $7
buy $14







ending B


gifts job

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Re: Complete Quest Index

Back to school 2010

It's tomorrow! Arg... I have no choice, I have to go...
Usually, I don't mind going back to school and start a new year but this time, it's slightly different! I'm moving house so consequently, I'm changing school too! I also heard that it was a very classy establishment! I'm so scared! Being without my friends lost in huge buildings that I've never seen ... I. I bet it is filled with strict old teachers and supervisors!
... Oh! I have to calm down ... Where's my enthusiasm? I think, a bit of a shopping spree is in order, I need to make a good impression at my new school: new clothes, brand new equipment and other unusual gadgets!
           Only posting what I bought, not all choices of items
You need:
wig $2

hair ribbon $5
In class, I'm always dreaming, as if I was on the moon... By the way, what is the moon ? Is it more..a satellite
Step 2
Here I am. After a glass of orange juice and a pathetic piece of bread, I find myself on the steps of my new school. It seems ... Huge! All these students seem very well dressed, they are all chatting to each other... completely ignoring me of course, I already feel lost!
Also, barely a minute after entering the grand entrance, I was lost in the corridors! Oh no! It's almost time, I'm such a loser !...< dc> In tears, I suddenly hear behind me: "So, Is the big baby already lost? "
Three unpleasant girls looked at me, grinning like stupid horses. Who are they to judge me so quickly?
I was just about to open my mouth to answer back when I suddenly saw the room number right in front of me.
"Lost? Not at all, I'm going here, Class 104. How about you girls, you seem like you need a guide? Perhaps you should work on your map reading skills? "
Ha, I showed them!
Looks like my good fortune is with me! So far I'm doing pretty well! But I don't think I've made some friends...
Need $5$12$5 either
    Question: I love fruit juice in the morning! Apparently, it is very healthy and keeps you in shape... What is the element that makes fruit juice important ? vitamins

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Re: Complete Quest Index

Back to school 2010 cont'...
Step 3
" Can I sit here? "
Huh?! Pinch me, I must be dreaming! ... The person talking to me must be the cutest boy of the whole school! And he is asking me with a cute smile if he could sit next to me? " That can't be possible, it cannot be true I bet I'm still in my bed and my alarm clock is about to go off
... "If you are waiting for a friend, don't worry about it, I don't want to steal her seat hehe! "
I'm such a fool! Get a grip! and stop smiling like an idiot!
"No no, ermmm well ... I mean ... yes, yes, of course you can sit here, hehe! ".
This is the real deal, handsom, a little dreamy, perfect gentleman and dressed like the son of a lord... Is this for real?
How lucky I'm I?! I just can't believe it! However, I did notice that a few tables away were those three old hags who had laughed at me the other day, they are giving me such evil looks haha ... Too bad for them! I've got a much prettier smile to contemplate ... In any case, I feel I'm about to renew my wardrobe!
    Question: Ah boys! They are annoying but we can't live without them can we ? The first woman was Eve but was was the name of her partner?  Adam

Step 4
We can clearly feel the holidays are well over. We have so much work to do! We have a chemistry exam already!
Well at least I'm not the most unlucky person on this planet! Just the other day in the canteen, a girl in front of me tripped and the entire contents of her briefcase was strewn about the floor! I immediately helped her pick everything up.
The three hags, did not hesitate to make fun of her of course and I even suspect one of them to have made her trip ... Stupid cows!
The girl is called Karine, and we immediately became friends! It's so awkward on how clumsy she can be and admits it herself, but she is also a brilliant and intelligent girl! She offered to help me on my chemistry presentation, I got an A of course ha! All this thanks to her!
The only thing that bothers me is those three hags, who keep giggling when they see us...

   Question: Work already ?! I was still in holiday mode! The Beach, the the way, in what direction does the sun go ?  The sun rises from the East and sets in the West.

Step 5
This is a dream, it's the happiest day of my life it's incredible, it's ... !
There will be a prom for the start of the school year (it's definitely a very smart high school) and Frederick, the cute boy I met on my first day, asked me to the prom with a little hand-kissing and also a charming wink! I nearly died on the spot, seriously! I stood there a moment after his departure, speechless!
Me, the new girl, at the ball with prince charming? There must be some mistake! Everyone says he is the cutest guy in high school!
The three cows are spreading fake rumors about us, probably to separate us! They believe they are smart ... But I'm smarter ha! In class, as soon as they attempt to answer the teacher's questions, Karine and I rush to answer before they do! It makes them angry hihi ...
Karine and I are all excited (She was invited by her secret crush)! No time to lose, we must organize a shopping spree of madness to choose our dresses and all the cute accessories!
The downside is that Karine has lost her little bottle of perfume ! She insisted on using it this evening ... I wonder where it could be ...
gifts:[img][/img] airplanes
   Question:  A prom! Oh my god..that's the dream! Wear my best dress and dance waltz all night... oh! How many beats has a Waltz by the way ?  3   gift:

Steip 6
The Perfume
Frederick seemed annoyed by my behavior and Karine and I had to stop. I'm worried ... What if he thinks I'm a pretentious little miss know-it-all? ... What a mess! I need to make things right!
A beautiful dress is not everything! I must know how to dance without stepping on Frederick's toes.
Karine had a brilliant idea: we set up a dance club  Every day after class, the room is completely full! We have so much fun ... until D-Day!
That evening, we were preparing feverishly in the locker room.
Karine and I were already fully prepared, after a few dance steps we were about to head for the prom when.. We tumbled upon the three people we DID NOT want to cross: the three cows! I must admit that they have a gift: Be annoying 24/7 must be real hard to do every day ...
"Hey, Karine! We found this on the floor, is this yours ?" It's the perfume bottle! They must of stolen it when Karine slipped that day in the canteen!! ... The three girls obviously faked a slip and of course, poured the perfume all over my dress "Oups! huihihihi"
Oh no! I am now more fragrant than a skunk, I will never be able to get rid of this smell in time! What can I do?

  Question:Caution! Question for girls! What has the strongest smell ?  Perfume
Step 7

Karine dis everything she could to reassure me, but how could we not be desperate? That's great, I'm back in jeans, what a great prom this is! Frederick will find me completely boring and useless! Pff ...
Oh no, here he is! Oh no! I don't have time to hide! I don't want him to see me like this!
"There you are! I see you're not ready yet ... I'm glad actually! I have a gift for you ... " Oh my, his eyes were just pure and beautifully honest, he handed me a large package.
I opened it and couldn't believe my eyes. In this beautiful package he gave me, was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen ... A thousand times more beautiful than the old smelly one!
I'm Saved! Words could not express my joy and my feelings for him, and I ended up around his neck, blushing ... And without even realizing, we ended up kissing each other!
Prom night was the greatest night of my life! Since I'm now with Frederick and the three cows are so jealous and filled with envy!
Even Karine was so happy with her boyfriend - and guess what he bought her? ... Yes! A new bottle of her favorite perfume !

Need$7$6$7 crown$5 earrings$6 necklace$5$7$8 (Can't buy the blue one)$15

  Question Who is harassed by three ugly sisters and suddenly transforms into a beautiful princess ? Cinderella

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