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#1 23-07-2012 11:37:25

Registered: 2007
Posts: 1110

Special Glasses Show on OhMyLoft!

Hi girllz!

This week, for the show, you must create an outfit related to an accessory: glasses! Sunglasses, trendy glasses, fun glasses, etc... everything is possible!

Everybody can participate, you just have to create an original and trendy outfit!

Try to be original and you might be elected Miss, this week.

This week to make up her outfit, you must have:

- An item from the Basics Store

- An Item from the Playa store!


- To validate your registration, you must be wearing at least 8 Items.

To see the list of forbidden items go on the forum!

Enjoy the show on OhMyDollz!

#2 27-07-2012 17:36:48

From: Silvermoon by way of Dalaran
Registered: 2012
Posts: 129

Re: Special Glasses Show on OhMyLoft!

Ok, I was trying not to be the one to do this after all the discussion over last weeks fashion show, but since I started voting today and couldn't get past the first 2 selections without seeing it I have to.  This is yet another simple theme, and yet I saw 3 dolls out of the first 6 choices not have ANY glasses in evidence and 2 of those dolls had forbidden items on them...

I did not enter this week because I didn't feel like putting together an outfit after seeing last weeks winners where second and third place went to people who were in "pastels".  Until something is done to fix these issues I simply don't think that this is going to be an enjoyable part of the game for me.


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