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#1 03-08-2012 14:14:51

Registered: 2007
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OhMyLoft: "Shopping" on OhMyDollz!

Hi dollz!

We know you love going shopping! And you are gonna get the chance to draw you inspiration from this theme thanks to this week's OhMyLoft contest! The theme is Shopping!

To participate you just have to set up a decoration that symbolize this week's theme! Try to be creative and original and you might be elected Miss OhMyLoft!!

To decorate your loft, you must use :

- An item from the Dollz Story Store

- An item from Basics'

Don't forget :

- Only your loft decoration is taken into account for the OhMyLoft contest. The animated items will stay animated but there won't be little arrows to move around in the loft. Be careful when you choose the part of the loft in which you register and make sure there is not more than 200 Items in it!

- To vote, you must give a mark to each loft that is posted : from 1 to 5 stars.

- You can check the rules on this page.

Have fun on OhMyDollz!


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