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I don't give my password to any other player. I don't swap codes. I never enter my OhMyDollz personal codes on another website.
Comments from PreciousWonderfull
How are you doing? Votes for you <3
29/03/2020 à 19:33:04
Neighborhoods are putting teddy bears in their front windows for children to find on their walks during this difficult time. It's called Teddy Bear hunt and I think it's such a great idea. I have two bears in my front window. ~Votes and warm hugz from
27/03/2020 à 01:42:41
Still cleaning lights. A clean place is a safe place they say~! My cleaning lady might come tomorrow. If not then there's more cleaning for me to do like the normal house cleaning! ~Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez~
25/03/2020 à 02:19:36
“Spring is when you feel like whistling, even with a shoe full of slush.” ~Doug Larson~ ~Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez~
24/03/2020 à 01:42:02
May the love and protection Saint Patrick can give be yours in abundance as long as you live. ~Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez~
17/03/2020 à 01:59:10
We have a sprinkling of snow tonight. It was a productive day. Then we went for a ride and stopped at the Dollar Tree and then got a pizza to take home for dinner~! ~Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez~
15/03/2020 à 03:20:05
It was a beautiful sunny day~! We went mattress shopping. Our mattress is 15 years old. Then we went to Culver's for a late lunch~! I hope you have a beautiful weekend! ~Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez~
14/03/2020 à 02:30:35
A cloudy depressing kind of day~! Stayed home and did this and that. I probably needed the rest though after the last 2 days and busy weekend. ~Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez~
12/03/2020 à 02:20:44
Today was an amazing day of shopping at Home Goods on Airport Highway and then visiting our granddaughter's at their country home. We made homemade hand sanitizer! They are so delightful~! ~Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez~
11/03/2020 à 02:51:32
Take care~! Family was home for the weekend. Sorry for the missed votes~! ~Votes and warm hugz from Cook iesez~
09/03/2020 à 02:34:02

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