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Re: Redwood High(RP)

I start sitting in the seat until I realize there's no one there. The teacher comes in and tells us it's lunch time. "Oh...well then. Ready for lunch Chroma?" I say embarrassed.
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Re: Redwood High(RP)


I laugh.

"I agree. Look at this weather. I think a storm is coming... Perfect, isn't it ? Perfect for hunting, getting out, doing anything really... Wanna skip school ? We have gym and science after lunch. They're boring anyways, so why not skip it and do something better, right ?"

The Mauraders were alive that night, all four of them, you know, but it wasn't the same; only three were true and one was gone, and the one that was gone shouldn't have been. But they were together, again, and in that moment, they knew, they would never say goodbye.

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