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Three wishes!

If you had THREE WISHES to wish for something in this game, what would it be?

You can't wish for NO BUGS, lots and lots of DIva bucks & Feez, or a particular themed quest or past quest.

What would it be?

Here are my three wishes:

1. The daily free gift like you get on the French server.
    If you look my doll up by the same name on the French server, all the things in my loft are things that I got for basically just logging in.  Of course, the Christmas items there aren't one of those.  This would be great for new dolls... established dolls!  =)

2. The Wheel of Fortune Game, like from the French server.
    Not sure what one wins but it's fun to play with two other dolls, even if I can't understand the language very well.

THIS WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED!! 3. Wigs to buy that are identical to every "permanent" hairstyle one can choose from the "Change my look" area.

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Re: Three wishes!

sierradane wrote:

3. Wigs to buy that are identical to every "permanent" hairstyle one can choose from the "Change my look" area.

Oh, man, that's a tough one.  I can't speak for the items on French server (which sound neat), but there have been times where I've wanted to use one of the permanent hairstyles, but since all rooms are utilizing the wigs instead, I don't want to go through each room just to remove the wig.  To be able to buy those hairstyles as wigs would be nice.


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From: Forever youngville
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Re: Three wishes!


1 they would get rid of that ad page that keeps sliding open and shut.

2 We could give or trade items between our own dollz, if you have more than one.

3 Rooms could be bought with Dbs, not just with feez

I know I already have the 3, but..... Wouldn't it be nice to have a sub catogory for the
Hair- short, long, Up
in the store, and in "my things"

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Re: Three wishes!

I like this idea!!!! Thank you, Sierra! love

Honestly, I only have dolls in the Spanish server and here, so I didn't know about the daily gift.That would be nice.

Here are my wishes:

1) Have the opportunity to play ALL the quests. I mean I know we can do a replay of some quests, but they are only offered 3. My wish would be to have the possibility of doing all quests since the game started and in a row. It can be for a limited time, but I would love to.
2) Have the opportunity to give other kind of gifts. I like the old ones, but I would like to have new ones and permanent.
3) My third wish is the same as Jenzg's.... please, remove that banner. It's annoying.

That is all.

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Re: Three wishes!


1. Add more games to the OhMyGames

2. Change the way we win the 1 extra dollar when you go to work, because sometimes the videos won't show on my computer.

3. Have a new trophy for reaching a certain amount of votes in the fashion show

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#6 2017-01-16 02:59:19

From: Witchie Hideout
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Re: Three wishes!

I agree with everything said. I'd love fashion show trophies.
hmmm some new ideas...

1. Update the flirts please! They are so old and I'd love to do them (change my title) but they are too expensive for what they are worth (items are too outdated to me and I don't like changing my skin tone for a man.)

on that topic...

2. I want flirts back! With valentine's coming up soon I want to do flirts again! Maybe some celebrities? Maybe a fictional character? Just something! You got a male doll plus awesome outfits. Pleaseee :>

3. And let there be use for career points! What is the point of them??? Nothing. For flirts sure but I ain't doing flirts because point one. Once you do both flirts and the trophy and levels ... career points are used for...??? I have a high level in all of them because?? Nothing.  Like maybe make if you have 250+ in each add another dollar to your daily work? I don't know.

Certain parts of the site are being updated while other parts (flirts, careers, ohmygames games, no new trophies) are being left in the dust

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Re: Three wishes!

1. i wish they have this section where you can dress up your doll, so we dont really need to search the whole rooms and spread out which clothes we want to wear, you know like those girly games for kids

2. i need a lots of disney quest lmao. like the classic disneys, for example winnie the pooh. idk how, but it would be awesome

3. maybe after logging in 5 daily straight, we get a reward wether its dollar'z or fee'z


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Re: Three wishes!

1. Ability to resize all items, move our doll & put any item in front or behind it as we wish

2. A DIY clothing store with different parts of a clothing we could put together to make an outfit (e.g. 1 shoe, 1 sleeve etc.). We have been provided with detachable parts of the doll with little clothing items to support them ( This would also be useful in the sewing machine section..

3. An oh my games Jackpot & Boutique store for old items. So people can buy collections they missed (Not happy hour/day that they do).

Three more wishes:
1. I would like to see a sequel to some of their past quest stories with some of the gifts being repeated but with a different colour variation & the characters (models) with different clothes & poses or in a different format & past objects or furniture in different colour. I always wondered what might have happened after a story or adventure ends.

2. An option in the retro room & street room to choose colour or visible doll. My retro room is has no purpose.

3. An easier way to show or to hide your tapestry or your tiles of a room. There should be a visual list of the walls & fIoors we have bought with an add & remove button. I have lost some of those expensive walls & floors, they just seem to disappear after I put a new wall or floor.

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Re: Three wishes!

-EDITED September  '17-

1 - Some sort of daily log in bonus would be cool! people could log in each day and at the end of the week (whenever the site rolls over into the new week) we'd get a few fee'z or something..fee'z would be nice though

2 - Be able to make our default doll one of the model dolls i.e..dollz back, curvy doll etc. Instead of having to stick the doll onto our regular doll which can be annoying! I would love to actually be able to use the doll back model as my actual doll when i wanted.

3 - VIP as an award for reaching a certain level height, I've been thinking about this for a while now and I think it would be a goo award, Of course players would be required to reach a certain level like I already said. It could be whatever the highest level it's at currently which is what? level 200?  Maybe this would even give players a motive to actually do levels. Because honestly how many users actually do the levels on this game? I know some of the older players who have been on the site for a LONG time have done levels..but what about newer players?

-September new wish-
Have the option to have a limbless doll as a  no legs,no arms. So that way it's easy  to attach other arms and legs to the doll( like the ones from the flash store), with out having to have a million other objects on your doll to hide the default limbs.

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Re: Three wishes!

1. i want like more cash
2. more votes
3. more friends.

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Re: Three wishes!

1- Be able to recycle unwanted/old items and get other items, feez or $$$.
2- A new Oh my games shop collection.
3- A new cupboard.


#12 2017-01-25 05:26:21

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Re: Three wishes!

1. i'd like the offers for "free feez" and the ad for earning an extra dollar every day to be fixed. i can't afford to spend much money on the game, so it'd be nice for the ads to always work if we choose to use them.
2. wheel of fortune from the FR server! i've never had the opportunity to play it.
3. i know this is impossible now, but it would've been cool if we could've imported items to OMD from MDD before it closed.


#13 2017-02-02 20:30:02

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Re: Three wishes!

I have 3 wishes: 1) make a store for the curvy doll
                       2) make a store for the babies and small children
                       3) I wish we could organize our own attic....I don't like how flowers are
                          under pets, decorations, garden....I would like to place them all in a
                           folder marked "flowers" be able to put all the cars in one
                           place....I have a hard time finding items since they are all over the
Thank you for listening!aomd_bravo


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Re: Three wishes!

joyceeileen wrote: be able to put all the cars in one
                           place....I have a hard time finding items since they are all over the
Thank you for listening!aomd_bravo

I agree.. but I do like my favorites this is a good place to put your cars.. (if you don't actually park them in your garage) LOL



#15 2017-03-09 21:57:59

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Re: Three wishes!

1. Change the doll - mask it, change it to curvy or dollz back...
(in each of room separately*-*)
2.Change items- resize items, change colours of items...
(I have this idea because I love every changing items from quests)
- like the first Tresselle's idea^^
3. Things exchange
- They don't want to allow to give or trade items, because items have different rarity (Gazette, collectors, VIP, items from normal  or seasonal shops). I think it is one of the reasons.
-> Exchange items of same category and rarity (exchange collector evening dress and another collector evening dress).

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#16 2017-03-22 06:07:54

From: Under your Bed
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Re: Three wishes!

1. I'd really like to see some new face makeover variations (in "Change my look"), it's been a while since they've added anything new in there.

2. I would LOVE to see more animals' ears with fitting tails (from domesticated animals to all sorts of wild animals), also maybe some wings and horns that would fit together too.

3. I would also like to see even more costumes that are split into smaller elements that you could put together into one outfit. It gives a possibility of more creative and different outfits. There have been outfits like that, but some dresses and outfits are all put together already and all of the elements are in the same item, which makes it look nice, but at the same time it's always fun to be able to put items together by yourself in different colors and different options that you like the most.

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#17 2017-04-06 03:57:39

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Re: Three wishes!

A controversial idea, perhaps, but I'd like to see the voting system replaced with something better. The original purpose of it has long been lost. Now votes are traded like currency. Perhaps your votes could even be spent like currency, perhaps on unique items. Perhaps every time you hit 10000, you get a new trophy and your votes get reset to 0.

Fashion Show needs a major overhaul. At the moment it is so poor that it practically equalizes votes for everyone.

A way for the artists among us to get our designs into shops. It happens in France, but as per usual, the English Server is just a poor cousin, there to rake in a few extra dollars for Feerik.


#18 2017-04-08 18:27:52

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Re: Three wishes!

I only have one wish for now...
1. Be able to resize items! And not just make them bigger. Make the current size the middle ground so it can be made both bigger and smaller.

Well I got a new wish

2. Change the way "happy days" are handled. Right now they take up the entire day that we all would rather spend with friends and family then refreshing before the monitor.
May be think of a temporary store where you'll add the items at the prices you have chosen for the event and have it open for 24 hours so every one has equal chance to get any item they want. And after the event is over just remove the items from there.
Sounds much better then having people from different places on the planed crying cos it's night time while the event is up or people missing the one thing they wanted cos they had to go afk for 15 minutes. I love this event but it really takes up too much time and kills all the fun.

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Re: Three wishes!

I just have one wish
More replays of the 2010 quests and old flirts.


#20 2017-07-13 19:10:05

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Re: Three wishes!

3. Wigs to buy that are identical to every "permanent" hairstyle one can choose from the "Change my look" area.

One of my wishes have come true!


If Feerik adds something or changes something in the game that pertains to one of your wishes, maybe make it a "quote" like I did up there in my original post... adding THIS WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED.

It makes me very happy to know that Feerik has looked at this thread and are listening to us!  =)

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Re: Three wishes!

My 3 wishes are.

1 : i think 100$ should get you a bit more than 7,400 feez. i think it should be worth at least 10,000+ Feez or something like that.  ( maybe i'm wrong but that price just doesn't seem too fair to me)

2:  More curly hairstyles in the stores (Not wavy but actual curls). in natural colors and pastels.

3: Cold shoulder tops and dresses in the stores.

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#22 2017-07-19 03:22:52

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Re: Three wishes!

Wish #1... Buying Feez. I used to be able to buy Feez with my phone from Mexico, not any more. The page on the Bank won´t load up. I want to be able to buy Feez again!

Wish #2... New games on the game section or fix the ones already up there.  The OhMyTwist game  is really slow to move the little pieces around and it frustrates me, and the OhmyFashion game, I hate it when I move the mouse out of the little window and the game pauses.

Wish #3... Being able to buy rooms with $$$ and not just only Feez. oh! and more rooms!aomd_bravo


#23 2017-07-19 16:06:03

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Re: Three wishes!

I like how they split the "skins" from the characters, but how about splitting those belts out of the purses/bags category? Please!  That's Wish number 1!!!!


#24 2017-07-20 07:32:16

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Re: Three wishes!

1. Curvy dolls store.

2. Filter option for VIP items in store. (I know this might be difficult because Feerik wants VIP players, but it would make looking for items in the store so much easier)

3. Perhaps a full US-server designer store? We don't have a lot of OMD artists compared to the FR server, so it'd be nice to get one featuring a few US-server designers together (or a team).

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Re: Three wishes!

darkgirrrl wrote:

I actually like a bunch of everyone's wishes so if any of those come true ill be happy lol
that being said, i only really have 2 wishes.

1 : i think 100$ should get you a bit more than 7,400 feez. i think it should be worth at least 10,000+ Feez or something like that.  ( maybe i'm wrong but that price just doesn't seem too fair to me)

2: in my inventory its showing all of my oldest items first and I have a lot of items so I wish there was an option where you can choose between having the oldest or newest items shown first.

There's an option for your wish No.2 =] Just press this button: (it's located right in front of the page numbers in your inventory).


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