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VIP Subscription Guide

What is the VIP subscription?

For 3,99 euros per week, you can take out a VIP subscription to benefit from special advantages on OhMyDollz!

How do I get it?

When you log in click this image:

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Re: VIP Subscription Guide

The proper procedure to cancel a VIP subscription is:

1.)  Contact the support using the in-game link "Contact us" at the bottom of the website page.

2.) Title your message "Urgent Cancel Subscription" and provide the account name you want to cancel the subscription for.  (Because each account is given a special link, you should send one cancellation request for each account that needs the VIP subscription cancelled for.)

3.) Within a few days you should recieve a response with a special link.  Click the link and follow any other instructions you are given.

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Re: VIP Subscription Guide

List Of VIP Gifts Guides:

2013-2014 Gifts
2015 Gifts
2016 Gifts
2017 Gifts
2018 Gifts

*Big thank-you to Fairykisses for the guides!!


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