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#26 2017-08-24 09:40:23

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Re: Three wishes!

1. Be able to change our doll base to a backwards doll, male doll, child doll, or any other object we have in the "Character" section of our inventory.

2. When browsing items in the stores, I would prefer there to be an option to turn off or hide items that are not purchasable (e.g., the Flash Store items, seasonal items, etc.). When I'm shopping, I only want to see items that I can actually BUY, yknow?
That, and I would like a keyword searcher so I can quickly find things like 'overalls' among all the open shops instead of having to search tirelessly through every shop, not knowing whether they are listed as a top or bottom item. Searching would be so much faster.

3. Resize items and dolls. More options = more customizations. Especially with some of the smaller rooms like the Stylist room, I'd like to be able to shrink some of my items so they can fit in with the background properly (since I can't layer items behind the page background).


#27 2018-04-12 01:31:52

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Re: Three wishes!

jenzg11 wrote:


1 they would get rid of that ad page that keeps sliding open and shut.

2 We could give or trade items between our own dollz, if you have more than one.

3 Rooms could be bought with Dbs, not just with feez

I know I already have the 3, but..... Wouldn't it be nice to have a sub catogory for the
Hair- short, long, Up
in the store, and in "my things"

Two of these wishes have been granted
Get rid of that annoying page
a sub catorory


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Re: Three wishes!

so many good wishes!  But here are mine

1:  It's SOO hard for a new player to get going, it's literally a choice between leveling, and buying nice things.  We NEED more bang for our $$$.

2: Why is everything so freaking expensive? you can make up to 7$$$ a day, at the highest rank of your job, and BASIC dresses are usually 20-30$$? 

3: Gifting is kind of stupid, you really have to pay REAL MONEY to give someone a gift? no! you should be able to gift store items!


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