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Board Guidelines

Board Guidelines
- Your signature and avatar must comply with the Guidelines set out here
- All posts must comply with the Terms of Service and Guidelines of Behaviour.
- No spamming/flooding of the forums. That means do not make multiple posts about one topic.
- No double posting/bumping. That means do not post directly after yourself. There is an edit button on your post for a reason. Do not bump your thread by deleting the last message then reposting it. If you must change your last message, EDIT it.
- Do not spam your post with smilies. Less is more.
- Do not post off topic. That means posting a question, complaint or image that has nothing to do with the thread you've posted it in.
- No text speak/short hand. English is not the first language for many people on this site.
- English is the only language that is allowed on the board and in the game.
- Do not use more than 1 account on the board.
- Coloured text is not allowed
    There are only two exceptions to this rule.
    - Coloured text may still be used as header text but ONLY in the Contests/Clubs forum.
    - Coloured text may still be used in your signatures.
    - If you'd like to use colours anywhere else please contact a mod and ask.


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