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An Alt fo DarkelfQueen



6/30/2014: Check NEWS section



7/3/2014: Have a terrible terribly migraine today. Mostly from stress at work. I voted for most people but might have missed some.

6/30/2014: Judging by the way the last three weekends have been, I think it's best to just say I won't be able to vote during the weekends. I spend most of my time outside or tutoring that I barely have enough time to even collect my money. I can check the board maybe over the weekend, but logging in to OMD on the phone takes forever! i actually didn't collect my OMD money for two days straight! :'(


4/11/2014: Found a great blog with the french OMD guides. Will be able to use those to create guides for the quests we don't have in the topic right now. Added Gossip Dollz : Link

4/7/2014: I'm really sorry if I haven't sounded as myself lately, everyone. I got hurt lately by someone I really care about. And no not romantically. It was the first time I got hurt that way really that to be honest, I really have no idea how to respond.  

I took sick days off from work since I couldn't stop myself from crying at times. I didn't want to suddenly lose myself to tears while talking to my coworkers or customers.

So, again, so sorry if I sounded off. 

3/30/2014: So sorry ladies. This weekend has been hectic, so I couldn't vote yesterday :(

3/14/2014: Me is sick *sniff sniff*

2/16/2013: hey, ladies. I'm really sorry for not voting for two days now. You see, last week, my boss gave me extra responsibilities for two weeks. Between that and cl***es, there are days when I don't see the computer and on the phone, voting just sucks. I'm hoping to vote this week as well as I could, but for the next two weeks, I know that there will be days when I won't be able to vote back at all. If you'd prefer not to vote till after those two weeks, I will totally understand. It sucks when you keep on voting and the one you're voting for doesn't return them back. Sorry again.

2/11/2014: I'm extremely sorry for missing voting back yesterday. This week is so...hectic. Overwhelmed by both cl***es and work. I really hope to make it up over the weekend. Today's votes being delivered now.


1/2/2014: Sorry I didn't vote yesterday. Woke up with a terrible toothache due to a wisdom tooth coming out and a horrible stomachache. I don't eat fastfood and have been dieting so I have no idea what I did wrong.


10/24/2013: I missed yesterday's votes, so I am really hoping to make them up next  weekend. I have given out today's votes...except for one person I need to figure out.


10/9/2013: Calling out to all my DV'ers! I submitted Wednesday's votes 30 mins before the rollover and then submitted the new votes about an hour after the new day started!


9/8/2013: Finally posted the new LI!!! Also, bloodyemos and I announced the winners of the MU dressup task!


9/3/2013: I have announced a coloring and design contest on the boards!


8/31/2013: There are girls out there who sadly choose to use other people's names instead of making one for their own. I seriously hate that kind. And that's why, I've decided to post this from Sierradane's W|A.


This girl(s) posts comments as if she's Sierradane and sez as well as other players. Do not vote back to her and encourage her.



8/30/2013: Yup! Welcome to my golden room! It's not finished yet, but I can't seem to find much garden items that are golden. hmmmm.


8/1/2013: Guess who's up at 5 am?! ME! 


Was able to  buy the window from flash sale on one alt! $4!!! 


Now I'm sure Feerik is up to something!


7/24/2013: Did the quest except for one item on Valerieendre! Was perfect for her nursery!!!


Just wish I had 150 feez on her account to get the $7 job, too.


7/22/2013: Is it weird that I laughed when I noticed that today was the 22nd and the last time I updated it was the 11th? They're just so magical!


Anyways, I am pleased to announce that the Monster University Club is has finally arrived on the board!!! 


Also, if you're a member of Club Olympus, don't forget to drop by and see the mission!


7/11/2013: This is gonna be a long one!


Most important thing first, I won't be able to vote (possibbly even to take my money) for about 10 days since I'll be travelling to my friend!


When I get back, I should be posting the feedback to the Medusa mission in Camp Olympus AND STARTING A MONSTER UNIVERSITY CLUB on the board with the amazing Bloodyemos as my partner! We're so excited about that.


If you haven't noticed already, you could ask for a MU ID Card on the board(Created By You). I can make you a Student ID or a Faculty ID.


What else? hmm....oh yeah! I don't think I've said this earlier, but I am working on a website for LI where I could share with you videos for the fashion shows and the music we talk about..It will also introduce the LI to the internet!


And I am working on a new fanfiction...A horror one, inspired by a game called Ib. It's called "Dead or Alive" and I've posted its first chapter on the board. Getting feedback would be very very appreciated!


I am also working on the remaining chapters of the "case of the white rose"

As you might have noticed, my W|A is having problems...thanks to Photobucket :( I also need to redo the W|A of Valerieendre and Laurenbonner...I will fo that in a week or so.


Ah! And I must not forget my research that hasn't been finished yet! 


And work...


yeah! That's what's going on in Darky's life!


Oh oh oh! And I got myself a new sig!


6/29/2013: I am officially done with the loft of my alt Valerieendre!!!!




6/19/2013: Some pieces of news from the OMD World:

1. Nimrodel is going for the 500 weekly votes, so if you can drop by, please go ahead.

2. Historygeek had her baby boy!!! Sierradane created this topic here to congratulate her! LINK


3. Depending on where you are, Rarity's birthday was today/ yesterday!


6/2/2103: Barely made it to vote today!...and almost forgot to collect my money, hehe. Tirrrrrred! Have an awesome week, ladies.


6/1/2013: I was able to sneak in and do my daily votes today! For more info, please check the news entry ot yesterday! Have an awesome weekend!!!




From what it seems like, I won't be able to be online  regularly for about a week or so since I am helping a friend move, injured my knee, starting a project and wrapping up my research. While I can easily get my money on the phone, seeing my last 100 voters and voting back is proving to be very difficult.


If you'd rather not vote for me this week, it's totally okay! We can catch up later. 

I will try to make up for the missed votes as soon as possible, though! 


I am so sorry ladies!!!!

5/29/2013: Feeling a little blue, but  everything is alright. Helping a friend pack her..everything...since she's moving to another state. That's why I haven't been online as much lately. Sorry girls!!!


5/22/2013: Made it right after rollover. Luckily I had collected my money last night.

I have a love'hate relationship with this quest. The doll that would love this quest the most doesn't have money on her, soooo....Just bought some things that I needed.

Chapter 4 of The Case of the White Rose is out! I consider it the beginning of a new arc...Kinda...Well...You'll understand later.

Finally...WHY DID PITPULL RUIN "TAKE ON ME" By Aha?! WHY WHY WHY?! I seriously hate him and hate that he ruins famous songs...End of Rant...Sorry....Have an awesome day/night ;)


5/21/2013: I am really sorry I missed the votes from yesterday. I had a family situation come up and barely made it in time to collect my money. I wish logging in here would be as easy as the board. The board opens up pretty nicely on my phone, but not the game :/


5/19/2013: hmmm....Should I level up first? Or save for my new theme? hmmmmm. Think think think.


5/16/2013: The sun is shining. The birds are singing. And I am feeling muuuuch better!


5/14/2013: I'm in a roller coaster of emotions. The lack of sleep and stress are finally getting to me. And what's making matters worse is it seems like I am carrying the burden of nearly everyone. I like being there for others. I like listening to them and hopefully being of help. But at times, I just...I need to talk to someone...And suddenly I find no one...I am not sure if it's me...Maybe I am over reacting?


5/9/2013 (DOUBLE! KINDA IMPORTANT): After talking to the girls of the LI family, I've come to the realization that we really won't be able to make it this month...Sadly. We all have exams and it's almost impossible to get the articles written then editted and for.matted within time.


That's why it pains me to announce that there will be no LI this month.


There is good news, though, starting from next month, June 2013, the LI will be released on the first day of the month! YAY! I had been meaning to do this for a while, since it didn't make much sense to always talk about the events of each month so late!


Finally, since Mother's Day is on Sunday May 12th here in the US, the LI would like to present all the moms that are here on OMD (or you girls can use it as a part of your celebration of your moms) with this small gift.


It was a drawing I had made about six years ago for my mom and thought I should share it with my second family here on OMD.


Happy Mother's Day!

5/9/2013: Getting butterflies in my stomach because of exams. Just want this to be over. Think I could still finish the LI in time? mmm...Hopefully!

5/8/2013: W|A is under construction. Please excuse the messy layout!







Hello there, ladies and welcome to my page. Watch your step because I'm giving this W|A a major makeover and things are so...all over the place.

I'm Darkelfqueen, or Darky as most people here call me. I'm a girl, obviously. In my twenties. I love music (Check out "My Radio" section below to know which songs are making it into my playlist for the day) and my music taste is all over the place. I can go from Symphonic Metal to Trance and Techno to Pop and Cl***ic.

I'm also an amateur artist. All Self-taught. From time to time, I'll be sharing some of my artworks with you, so be on the watch out for those! Or you could also check out my gallery on the board. I'll be adding its link in the "Links" Section below.

I'm pretty active on the board, so most probably you're gonna run into me at some points. Feel free to say 'hi'!

Some of my activities on the board include:

- The Lovely Insider (Check  below for details)

- Camp Olympus: A club, and a game, based on the Percy Jackson series. For the lastest news and the link, check below.

Um....What else? I'm giving my rooms a makeover, so if you find them messy or empty at some point, please forgive me.

Ah! And I'm going to share with you right now some of the nicknames that I've received here on OMD. *Clears her throat*

Darky, Dark, DarkElf, Elf, Varky and Vark (Bloodyemos calls me those! It's Valerie, the name of my main character in the TMI RP + Darky).

And Lately... "Darky the Ducky"!!! Thanks to the amazing Rarity!

And with this, I leave you to explore my page and have fun on OMD!!!





The Lovely Insider is a magazine that runs on the board by OMD'ers and for OMD'ers.

My idea was that since we have a great community on the boards and since we have lots of things in common, why don't we have a magazine especially tailored for us?

The magazine first came out in September 2011 and then it evolved and grew as the months p***ed. Right now, the articles are being written by several OMD girls.

Malu, Amaryllis-love, Bloodyemos, xemoxrockerx, Angelfire and Rukia131.

I also write Fashion Out There, The Survival Guide, Makeup Makeover and the news section. You'll find me also stepping in when one of the girls has no time to finish her article.

All in all, we'd be honored if you pay us a visit and enjoy a quick read. Click on the image to the right to go to the page of the latest issue!



























Can You Draw This? (Voting Phase)

Deadline: 10th June 2013



Easter Egg Hunt

Deadline: 10th May 2013










Invitation to Join:   JOIN 


You are cordially invited to join Camp Olympus this summer where heroes and heroines are born. We’ve been tracking you (No, we’re not stalkers! How dare you, mortal?! Uh… Ignore that) and we think that you have what it takes to become a great one.

In our camp, you’ll get a lot of challenges that will strengthen you, but you’ll also have lots of fun and you’ll get to make lots of new friends (most of them are humans *cough  cough*).

If you’re interested, please fill in the attached with this letter.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Mission Three: Know Medusa

Knowing your enemy is always a key to success. And for that, you shall prove to everyone that you know Medusa. 

For this mission, you need to show your knowledge of Medusa. You can:

- Write a Song/Poem about Medusa

- Draw a picture of Medusa

- Or Even better (This choice will award you extra points) Dress as Medusa

Due Date: 10th of June, 2013


    - 30 Drachmas

    - 50 Gpoints

    - The first one to finish this mission will get 6 loft votes and 6 doll votes.




Mission Four: Learn, learn and learn

- Earn 20 points in total from attending cl***es. They could go towards any skill. And they don't have to all be toward on that same skill. Meaning. You can attend any combination of cl***es.

Due Date: 10th of June, 2013


    - 20 Drachmas

    - 40 Gpoints

    - The first one to finish this mission will get 6 loft votes and 6 doll votes


Am I a hero yet?

(Click to Enlarge)


Skills Sheet

(Click to Enlarge)






 "Paved with Good Intentions: LightBringer" Fanfiction by IcedBlood


 "The Lost Hero" By Rick Riordan


 Never Alone (Acoustic) Barlow Girl


Within Temptation - See who I am


Delain - Come Closer


Plumb - Cut


Escala - Requiem for a Tower 


Never Enough - Epica


Kasmir - David Guarette


Apocalyptica - Romance


Marie Digby - What I've done


Nightwish - Phantom of the Opera


Evanescence - Everybody's fool


Nightwish - Sleeping Sun


Within Temptation - What have you done


Evanescence - Sally's Song


Skillet - Comatose


Lacuna Coil - Our Lies








 By far, Valerie is my favorite alt of all. Maybe because she's based on my main character in the Mortal Instruments RP that is running on the RP. All in all, Valerie is a big fashionista. But she's also very caring and motherly. Feel free to check her account and read her W|A. She has her background story written on there.

 The sarcastic Lauren. She's based on my character from the Demigod RP. She's a daughter of Poseidon and has a LOVE for the ocean and its inhabitants. She also loves blue and green...Go figures, huh? For now, her loft is empty. I am planning something big for her though. In the meantime, feel free to check her diary which I try to update regularly.

 Lola was the very first alt I've ever created and together with Princess Namine, they've been my main accounts for quests. It wasn't really intended to be that way, but that's what happened. I am hoping that one day I will find a way to give her an overall theme, but for now, I am just happy with a theme for every room she has.

 Princess Namine is the second Alt I've created and she's had her fun with quests. So far, she has had a theme for every room, but no an overall one. Hopefully I'll think of something for her with time. She's also used for the Princess Academy that runs on the board.

 Stefanie is another character of the TMI RP. She started off as a side character but slowly found her way into my heart. She is now one of the main characters. She is strong, smart and very loyal. Her husband loves the Arabian style which is why I am taking that into account as I am designing her loft. They also have a little girl, Miracle, which I am planning on giving one adorable nursery!

 Janelle and her husband loooove to have a comfortable homey place to live in. They are both journalists and they've had their share of living on the road. That's why they don't mind a bit of a mess as long as the place is comfortable. Still working on their homey feeling.








Thanks a lot Fairykisses for the beautiful doll collage. posted it in my Others box.

I realized I never saidThank you for this crazy crazy club my friends created here! LINK

Thanks a lot janghyunae for the wonderful drawing of my doll!!

Thanks a lot Kiera for the amazing pictures.

Thanks a lot:


- bloodyemos for the wonderful lamp and the flowers!

- willowskye for the beautiful silver heart!

- Selinie777 for the teapot and the chinese red box!

- faechild86 for the pink balloons.

- Kieramsmielys for the  red snowman plushie!

- Willowskye and Kiera for the flower and balloons!

- Malu for the sweater!

- Faechild86 for the pot of gold!

- Faechild86, N0regrets, Fairykisses, Jazz333 and Sierradane for the Christmas gifts!

- Faechild86 for the Pumkpin girl!






Coming Soon!







Several Guides (THANKS MALU): Link



Back to School: Link

Sarah's Birthday: Link

Detective/Marilyn Monroe:Link

One Day a prince Will Come: Link

The Funny Housemates:Link

Best Friend: Link

Halloween 2010: Link

1001 Dresses: Link

Others: Link



Valentine's Day: Link

Cinema Quest: Link

Missionary Angel: Link

Fashion Trotters: Link

Go and Study in Australia:Link

Princess: Link

Manga: Link

North Pole: Link

Fashion Adventure: Link

Top Model: Link

Music Quest: Link

Fashion Twins: Link

Road Trip to Miama: Link

Greek Goddess: Link

Rich and Famous: Link


Calamity Doll: Link

Paranormal Halloween: Link

Miss OMD 2014 (PART I): Link

Miss OMD 2014 (PART II): Link

Fairtale Quest: Link

Launch your Musical Career in Broadway: Link

North Pole Adventurer: Link

Christmas 2013: Link










The Lovely Insider: Link

Camp Olympus: Link

My Gallery: Link

Demigod RP (ivy020): Link

TMI RP(ilovem): Link

The Poet's Eye(bloodyemos):Link

My Profile on Cyberntic Nation:

Doll Collages by Fairykisses

Celebrating 100 parts of Raspberries Vs Strawberries:






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